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Executive summary - WP2/16 - 2019-06-14

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Executive Summary of the WP 2/16 Meeting
(Geneva, 14 June 2019)

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Major accomplishments

Collocated activity:

Summary of Questions' Results

Question 26/16 summary

Question 26/16 held its meeting on 10 and 12 of June 2019 at ITU, Geneva, Switzerland. The group reviewed 18 documents and, in addition to update F.ACC-AS and FSTP.ACC-SL, it agreed to propose H.871 (ex F.WAAD) Safe listening guidelines for personal sound amplifiers (PSAs) for Consent at the WP2/16 meeting on 14 June 2019. Experts agreed to work in two ad hoc groups to promote the use of telecom relays and closed captioning in IPTV during the Japan Olympic Games in 2020; their ToR will be completed at the SG16 meeting in October 2019. The Question prepared two outgoing liaison statements.

Question 27/16 summary

Question 27/16 held an e-meeting on 25 April 2019, which was attended by experts from both ISO TC22/‌SC31/‌WG8 (VDS) and ITU-T Q27/16. The meeting focused on the discussion of the terms of reference (ToR) for the proposed Joint Project Team (JPT) for vehicle domain service development, as found in liaison statement SG16-LS135. WG8 agreed to submit the ToR for ballot without any modifications to VDS for a two-week review in May 2019. Official approval of the JPT is targeted for the starting plenary of the next SG16 meeting in October 2019. Mr Tokita (VDS Convener from Honda, Japan) also presented the latest working draft document WD 23239-1 (WD3.0). Q27/16 plans another RGM on 9-10 July co-located with the FG-VM meeting in China..

Question 28/16 summary

Question 28/16 held two interim activities.

Recommendations Consented

TitleDoc.* AAP LC
ITU-T H.871 (ex F.WAAD) "Safe listening guidelines for personal sound amplifiers" (New)
SG16-TD187/WP2 (2019-04)