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List of Questions

Q1/13Service scenarios, deployment models and migration issues based on convergence servicesTextWork Items
Q2/13Requirements for NGN evolution (NGN-e) and its capabilities including support of IoT and use of software-defined networkingTextWork Items
Q3/13Functional architecture for NGN evolution (NGN-e) including support of IoT and use of software-defined networkingTextWork Items
Q4/13Identification of evolving IMT systems and beyondTextWork Items
Q5/13Applying IMS, IMT and other new technologies in developing country mobile telecom networksTextWork Items
Q6/13Requirements and mechanisms for network QoS enablement (including support for software-defined networking)TextWork Items
Q7/13Deep packet inspection in support of service/application awareness in evolving networksTextWork Items
Q9/13Mobility management (including support for software-defined networking)TextWork Items
Q10/13Coordination and management for multiple access technologies (Multi-connection)TextWork Items
Q11/13Evolution of user-centric networking, services, and interworking with networks of the future including Software-Defined NetworkingTextWork Items
Q12/13Distributed service networkingTextWork Items
Q13/13Requirements, mechanisms and frameworks for packet data network evolutionTextWork Items
Q14/13Software Defined-Networking and Service-aware networking of future networksTextWork Items
Q15/13Data-aware networking in future networksTextWork Items
Q16/13Environmental and socio-economic sustainability in future networks and early realization of FNTextWork Items
Q17/13Requirements, ecosystem, and general capabilities for cloud computing and big dataTextWork Items
Q18/13Cloud functional architecture, infrastructure and networkingTextWork Items
Q19/13End-to-end Cloud computing management and securityTextWork Items

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Note: The IoT work of Questions 2/13, 3/13 and 11/13  is now being done by the SG20.