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Executive summary of the SG13 meeting


Executive summary of the SG13 meeting of
27 June - 8 July 2016,
Geneva, Switzerland

Held in Geneva, this SG13 meeting attracted 209 contributions, 188 TDs and 120 delegates. In total the participation goes up to 142 (live + remote participants). Remote participation facilities were offered upon request.

Main meeting results

   Recommendation approved (Resolution 1 - TAP) 

ITU-T Rec. No.


Base text






  COM 13 - TD 296


Performance models and metrics for deep packet inspection                

 See TSB Circular 233 (dated 20 September 2016) 
                                                           Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No.


Base text



 Y.2330 (Y.NGNe-Freedata-Reqts)         2/13  TD 297 (PLEN/13)  NewRequirements of Next Generation Network evolution for supporting Freedata service
 Y.2340 (Y.NGNe1)2/13 TD 298 (PLEN/13)           New         Overview of Next Generation Network evolution phase 1     
 Y.2321 (Y.NGN-VCN-Arch)        3/13​TD 300 (PLEN/13)NewFunctional Architecture for supporting Virtualization of Control Network Entities in Next Generation Network evolution
 Y.3322 (Y.S-NICE-arch) 3/13TD 301 (PLEN/13)  NewFunctional architecture for NICE implementation making use of software-defined networking technologies
 ​Q.1743 (Q.EPC-R11)4/13TD 299 (PLEN/13)  NewIMT-Advanced references to Release 11 of LTE-Advanced Evolved Packet Core (EPC) network
​ Y.3301 (Y.SDN-Req)*14/13TD 292 (PLEN/13)  NewFunctional requirements of software-defined networking
​ Y.3302 (Y.SDN-ARCH)*14/13TD 308 (PLEN/13)  NewFunctional architecture of software-defined networking
​ Y.3323 (Y.SAME-Req)14/13TD 309 (PLEN/13)  NewRequirements of Soft network Architecture for MobilE (SAME)
​ Y.3522 (Y.e2ecslm-Req)19/13TD 293 (PLEN/13)  NewEnd-to-end Cloud Service Lifecycle Management Requirements

All Recommendations consented at the meeting entered the AAP Last Call process on 1 September 2016.  

         Supplement agreed to (Recommendation A.13) 

ITU-T Doc. No.


Base text



Y.2200-series Supplement 41 (Y.scm)*


TD 303 (PLEN/13)


 Deployment Models of Service Function Chaining 
​Y.3600-series Supplement 40 (Y.Suppl.BigData-RoadMap)17/13TD 291 (PLEN/13)New

Big Data Standardization Roadmap

* ETRI submitted the patent declaration for this text. It has been registered in the patents database.


  • The meeting agreed to nominate Mr Leo Lehmann, SG13 chairman, as Acting WP2/13 chairman to run the WP2/13 opening plenary in absence of the WP2/13 co-chairmen.
  • Mr Elliot Kabalo, ZICTA Zambia, was nominated to run the 8 December 2016 Q5/13 interim meeting as Acting Rapporteur replacing Mr Simon Bugaba, the rapporteur for Q5/13.

Important decisions (aside from Recommendations approvals)

New work item
The differed from the previous SG13 meeting decision on establishment of the new work item Y.ccpm-reqts on physical machine in Q17/13 ("Cloud computing – Functional requirements of physical machine") was agreed with compromised text as appears in TD 597 (WP2/13). Output of this meeting is presented in TD 623 Rev.1 (WP2/13).

Coordination activities 
Joint Rapporteur Group on Cloud Computing Management (JRG-CCM) comprising of Qs 5/2, 7/2 and 19/13 had its regular meeting alongside the SG13 meeting, report of this activity is found in TD 593 Rev.1 (WP2/13). The group prepared for consent at the reported meeting the second deliverable of the group, new Recommendation ITU-T Y.3522 (ex Y.e2ecslm-Req) "End-to-end Cloud Service Lifecycle Management Requirements". In addition, draft new Recommendation M.rcsm "Requirements for Service Management in Cloud-aware Telecommunication Management System" was improved aiming for consent at SG2 meeting in September 2016.

JCA-SDN had its regular meeting during the SG13. Report is found in TD 281 (PLEN/13). In particular, the JCA proposed its continuation for another two years. This proposal was discussed at the SG13 closing plenary and the decision was to continue the activities of the JCA-SDN for one more year with subsequent evaluation of its progress and future at the end of this period.

Therefore, continuation of the JCA-SDN beyond this study period was agreed for one more year with revised Terms of Reference (see Annex 3 of TD 281 (PLEN/13)) and the same chairman and vice-chairman.

Subgroups activities
FG IMT-2020 reported its progress in TD 282 (PLEN/13). The progress of the Focus Group to date was noted with satisfaction.

Ad-hocs activities'
Since July 2015 SG13 stared its preparations to the next study period by setting up the ad-hoc on the future of the SG13 and its potential Questions (Ad-hoc NSP). Ad-hoc had a number of sessions at the June – July meeting. NSP Ad-hoc undertook an inspection of its Questions and prepared a set of 13 Questions for the study in the next study period. Also it worked out its mandate, leading roles and new title "Future networks, with focus on IMT-2020, cloud computing, big data and trusted network infrastructures" leaving the Recommendations under the responsibility and maintenance unchanged.

Report of the NSP Ad-hoc sessions may be found in TD 287 (PLEN/13). It has the revised Questions' texts for the next study period and updates to the SG13 title and mandate (parts of Resolution 2) the way those were agreed by the SG13.

Agreed at April 2016 SG13 meeting, the Ad-hoc to deal with restructuring proposal from TSAG (TD 250 (PLEN/13)) worked by correspondence between the SG13 meetings towards reply to TSAG about SG13 opinion on the future of ITU-T SGs and their structure. Report of this activity may be found in TD 285 (PLEN/13) and reply-LS to TSAG in TD 286 (PLEN/13) respectively. In essence, SG13 justified its position to be a stand-alone SG13 dealing with networks.

SG13 permanent Ad-hoc group on implementation of Resolution 38 continued its work based on contributions and liaisons received (report is in TD 283 Rev.1 (PLEN/13)). This is part of WTSA-12 Action plan implementation programme. Ad-hoc maintains the roadmap of mobile communication studies and activities across three ITU sectors. Its latest version may be found in TD 284 Rev.1 (PLEN/13).

Bridging Standardization Gap (BSG)
The next meeting of the SG13 Regional Group for Africa will take place in Egypt (exact place to be confirmed) on 5 - 6 April 2017 under kind invitation of National Telecommunications Regulatory Authority of Egypt (NTRA). As custom the two-day workshop will be convened in association with this regional group meeting (please see more details below).

1 July 2016 was a day of the workshop "Future Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure, Phase 2". It was of the success attracting 50 participants (per the list of participants). The summary report of the workshop may be found in TD 294 (PLEN/13).

Fifth SG13 Regional Workshop for Africa on "ITU-T Standardization Work on Future Networks: Towards a Better Future for Africa" was confirmed to be held in Cairo (place TBC), Egypt, on 3 – 4 April 2017 alongside the next SG13RG-AFR meeting. Report of the workshop steering committee about the preparations to date may be found in TD 269 (PLEN/13).

Future activities
An important number of interim activities were agreed to. Among those, the next JCA-CCM meeting co-located with SG2 meeting in mid-September.

Next meeting of Study Group 13 will take place in the next study period from 6 to 17 February 2017 in Geneva.


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