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Executive summary of the SG 13 meeting of 20 May 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

This meeting attracted 104 participants and 2 Contributions.

The meeting was again (since the beginning of the present Study Period) run paperless.

Main SG 13 meeting results

Recommendations approved (Resolution 1 - TAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2205 5 TD 211 (PLEN/13) Revised Next Generation Networks - Emergency telecommunications - Technical considerations
Y.2760 (Y.mobsec) 16 COM 13 - R 27 New Mobility Security Framework in NGN
Y.3001 (Y.FNvision) 21 TD 210 (PLEN/13) New Future Networks: Objectives and Design goals
See TSB Circular 194, dated 26 May 2011.

Recommendations approved (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2020 (Y.OSE-arch) 5 TD 209 (PLEN/13) New Open service environment functional architecture for NGN
See TSB Circular 196, dated 01 June 2011.

Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2022 (Y.FAid-loc-split) 5 TD 212 R1 (PLEN/13) New Functional architecture for the support of host-based ID/locator separation in NGN
Y.2056 (Y.ipv6-vmh) 7 TD 215 R1 (PLEN/13) New Framework of Vertical Multi-homing in IPv6-based NGN
Y.2614 (Y.PTDN-reliability) 20 TD 207 (PLEN/13) New Network reliability in PTDN
Y.2621 (Y.iSCP-req) 20 TD 208 R1 (PLEN/13) New Requirements of independent Scalable Control Plane (iSCP) in FPBN
TSAG outcomes
Further to the decision of TSAG the SG13 discussed the release approach (that was not easy to follow in the past) and automatic posting of documents with the agreement to join trial on automatic documents posting for October meeting of Study Group 13.
The SG 13 noted that TSAG endorsed the new Questions 22/13 “Mobility Management and Fixed Mobile Convergence”, 24/13 “Service scenarios, deployment models and migration issue” (merger of Q.13/13 with Q.14/13) and 25/13 “Coordination, Planning, and Terminology” (merger of Q.1/13 with Q.2/13) and didn’t endorse Q.23/13 “Cloud Computing”. The meeting took note that the deletion of Questions Q.1/13, Q.2/13, Q.13/13 and Q.14/13 came into force (TSB Circulars 167, 168 and 187).

Nomination of Rapporteurs, Co-Rapporteurs and Associate Rapporteurs

The SG 13 meeting confirmed the following changes in the Rapporteurship.
  • Mr. Yoshinori Goto (NTT, Japan) will serve as Rapporteur for Q.5/13 “Principles and functional architecture for NGN (including ubiquitous networking)”;
  • Mr. Mingdong Li (ZTE China), Mr. Heechang Chung (ETRI Korea) and Mr. Hideaki Yamada (KDDI Japan) will continue to serve as the Co-Rapporteurs for Q.24/13 “Service scenarios, deployment models and migration issue”;
  • Mr. Jiashun Tu (ZTE China) will continue as Associate Rapporteur for Q.24/13;
  • Mr. Yoshinori Goto (NTT Japan) will continue to serve as Rapporteur for Q.25/13 “Coordination, Planning, and Terminology”;
  • Ms. Xin Chang (Huawei) will continue as the Associate Rapporteur for Q.25/13.
Final confirmation for the nomination of Associate Rapporteurs of Q.24/13 and Q.25/13 will be made at the next SG13 meeting in October 2011.

The one day workshop “Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) for Telecommunication Ecosystems: from today’s realities to requirements and challenges of the future” was confirmed by the Study Group. It is associated with the next SG 13 meeting and it will take place sometime between 11 and 21 October 2011 in Geneva. Draft program of the workshop can be found in

Enhancing working procedures

By considering contribution C 921 proposing the Recommendation justification template and referring experience by SG17, the SG13 agreed this as trial for SG 13 meeting in October to be applied to any new proposals for Recommendations to come in.

Next Meeting

The next SG 13 meeting is planned to take place from 10 to 21 October 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland.