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Executive summary of the SG13 meeting

Executive summary of the SG13 meeting of
30 November - 11 December 2015,
Geneva, Switzerland

The paperless SG13 meeting held in Geneva, attracted 247 contributions, 222 TDs and 149 delegates. In total the participation goes to 158 (live + remote participants). Remote participation facilities were offered upon request.  

Main meeting results

   Recommendation determined (Resolution 1 - TAP) 

ITU-T Rec. No.


Base text






TD 231 (PLEN/13)


Mechanisms for the network elements with support of Deep Packet Inspection

   See TSB Circular 187 (dated 18 December 2015).

Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No.


Base text



2/13 TD 241 (PLEN/13) New Semantics based requirements and framework of the Internet of Things
2/13 TD 228 (PLEN/13)    New      Requirements of the Plug and Play capability of the Internet of Things
2/13 ​TD 229 (PLEN/13) ​New Application support models of the Internet of Things
2/13 ​TD 230 (PLEN/13) ​New Requirements for Information Control Networks and related applications
​6/13 ​TD 233 (PLEN/13) ​New Resource Control and Management Function for Virtual Networks for Carriers (vRCMF)
​9/13 ​TD 235 (PLEN/13) ​New Mobility management framework for applications with multiple devices
​10/13 ​TD 242 (PLEN/13) ​New Flow-based service continuity in multi-connection
​14/13 ​TD 237 (PLEN/13) ​New Functional architecture of Network Virtualization for Future Networks
Y.3510 ​18/13 ​TD 232 (PLEN/13) ​Revised Cloud Computing Infrastructure Requirements
Y.3521/M.3070 (Y.oe2eccm/M.oe2eccm) ​19/13, JRG-CCM ​TD 234 (PLEN/13) ​New Overview of end-to-end cloud computing management

* Subsequent to the meeting ETRI presented a patent declaration for the Y.3014. It is being registered at the corresponding database by TSB.
Recommendation ITU-T Y.3521/M.3070 will enter the AAP Last Call procedures after it is consented by SG2 that meets 20 - 29 January 2016. AAP Last Call for the other nine mentioned above Recommendations will start on 16 January 2016.

Supplement agreed to (Recommendation A.13) 

ITU-T Rec. No.


Base text



Supplement 26 to Y.2600-series(Y.Supp-RN)


TD 236 (PLEN/13)


Scenario and requirements of reconfigurable networking based on minimum network functions & network polymorphism in future packet based network


Important decisions (aside from Recommendations approvals)

Continuation of the FG IMT-2020
FG IMT-2020 successfully reached the end of its lifetime delivering the Standards Gap Analysis document, TD 208 (PLEN/13), and Progress Report, TD 209 (PLEN/13). The proposal for continuation of this Focus Group until the end of 2016 came into the meeting by contribution.
C950 from Telecom Italia, KT, ETRI, Huawei Technologies, P.R.China, China Mobile. This document elaborated further on the Terms of Reference of this FG in case it is authorized to continue its work. The continuation of the FG IMT-2020 was supported by the contribution from Tunisia Telecom, C1145. In addition, Japan, by contribution C1065 supports the continuation of the IMT-2020 studies in SG13. Given the interest to the topic and support demonstrated in contributions, SG13 opening plenary agreed to continuation of the Focus Group on IMT-2020 (FG IMT-2020) with the revised ToR as appears in TD 219 (PLEN/13).

Like before the FG will be looking at the network aspects of 5G networks, but more in depth at this time, leaving all the work on frequencies and radio interfaces to a counterpart in ITU-R (SG5 and its WP5D). 

SG13 remains the parent group as well as the chairman and management team remain the same.
Lifetime: until 31 December 2016 

Continuation of the Correspondence group on Trust
Correspondence group on Trust (CG-Trust) asked for its continuation in order to finalize the work on the technical report towards trust for future standardization (TD 402 (WP3/13)). This request was satisfied by the meeting. Revised Terms of Reference for the correspondence group may be found in TD 224 Rev.1 (PLEN/13). It was authorized to continue its activity until end of April 2016.

Human assets

  • The meeting agreed to nominate Mr Gyu Myoung Lee (Republic of Korea) as the new WP3/13 co-chairman
  • The meeting agreed to nominate Mr Chen Wei, China Mobile, as a new rapporteur for Q12/13 to replace Mr Peng Jin from the same company, who has to leave ITU-T activities.
  • The SG13 Chairman, Mr Leo Lehmann, served as the Acting WP2/13 Chairman for the opening WP2/13 meeting in absence of WP2/13 co-chairmen to run WP2/13 business on that day.
  • The meeting agreed to nominate Mr Huan Deng, from China Telecom, as the Acting rapporteur for Q3/13 to replace Ms Yuan Zhang, the Q3/13 Rapporteur who was not available for this meeting.
  • The meeting agreed that Dr Jeong Yun Kim, from ETRI, serve as the Acting rapporteur for Q1/13 for the first week of the SG13 meeting while Mr Heechang Chung, the Q1/13 Rapporteur, was not in Geneva to support Q1/13 activities. During the second week of the meeting Q1/13 sessions were chaired by Mr Chung.


Coordination activities 
Joint Rapporteur Group on Cloud Computing Management (JRG-CCM) comprising of Qs 5/2, 7/2 and 19/13 had its regular meeting alongside the SG13 meeting, report of this activity is found in TD477 Rev.2 (WP2/13). The group prepared for consent at the reported meeting its first deliverable, new Recommendation ITU-T Y.3521/M.3070 "Overview of end-to-end cloud computing management".

JCA-SDN had its regular meeting during the SG13 that is now parent to this JCA. Report is found in TD 217 (PLEN/13).

SG13 reviewed its current work programme from the IoT related studies perspective and agreed that the mentioned below Recommendations on IoT are to be handed over for further development to SG20. They are

Q Title Current status Target date Ref
Q1/13Y.fsn, Framework and Service scenarios for SmartworkDraft Rec.2016-06TD 434 (WP1/13)
Q1/13Y.pops, Postproduction service of Smart Farming on the networkDraft Rec.2016-12TD 402 (WP1/13)
Q1/13Y.psfs, Functional model for production service of Smart FarmingDraft Rec.2016-12TD 435 (WP1/13)
Q1/13Y.ucs-usecase, Supplement on User-Centric work Space (UCS) ServiceDraft Rec.2015-12TD 432 (WP1/13)
Q1/13Y.wpt, Use cases of Wireless Power Transfer Application ServiceDraft Rec.2015-12TD 433 (WP1/13)
Q3/13Y.NGNe-IoT-Arch, Architecture of the Internet of Things based on NGNeDraft Rec.2015-12TD 381 (WP1/13)
Q5/13Supp-Y.IoT Scenarios for Developing Countries, Scenarios of Implementing Internet of Things in networks of developing countriesContribution-C 679 Rev. 1

Few of the above mentioned draft Recommendations were target for consent at the December meeting but during the meeting it became evident that they need more work to be done. As agreed by the last TSAG meeting the work on IoT beyond 2015 will be carried over by SG20.

In addition to that, the maintenance for the three IoT Recommendations SG13 consented on 11 December were entrusted to SG20 as well. Those are Y.2076, Y.2077 and Y.2078 (see table at the first page for titles and details). AAP approval process however will be handled by the group who gave consent to these documents, SG13.

Multisourced contribution from a number of African entities, C 917 Rev.1, proposes to convene a survey via two Questionnaires on cloud computing. Based on this input the meeting agreed to two questionnaires "Questionnaire for Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) on Cloud Computing Scenarios in Developing Countries" and "Questionnaire for Cloud Service Customers (CSCs) on Cloud Computing Scenarios in Developing Countries". As a first step of implementation of this study it was decided to seek the comments from ITU-D SG1, who has a technical report on cloud under development. Results of the survey may form a stand-alone publication or serve basis for an inter-sectorial cooperation on this issue between SG13 Q5/13 and ITU-D SG1 Q3/1. Texts of both questionnaires may be found in TD 284 (GEN/13)

Ad-hocs activities'
At its July 2015 activities the ad-hoc on the future of the SG13 and its potential Questions (Ad-hoc NSP) started its work. It continued its work at the November – December SG13 meeting. Report of these sessions may be found in TD 225 (PLEN/13). It has the revised Questions' texts to the extent they were develop at December 2015 meeting. 

SG13 permanent Ad-hoc group on implementation of Resolution 38 continued its work based on contributions and liaisons received (report is in TD 216 Rev.1 (PLEN/13)). This is part of WTSA-12 Action plan implementation programme. Ad-hoc maintains the roadmap of mobile communication studies and activities across three ITU sectors. Its latest version may be found in TD 283 (GEN/13).

Bridging Standardization Gap (BSG)
The next meeting of the SG13 Regional Group for Africa will take place in Accra, Ghana, on 16 – 17 March 2016 under kind invitation of Ministry of communications of Republic of Ghana. A half-day of this meeting will be devoted to the training on active involvement of participants into the standardization activities of ITU-T.
As custom the two-day workshop will be convened in association with this regional group meeting.  

Fourth SG13 Regional Workshop for Africa on "Future Networks for a better Africa: IMT-2020, Trust, Cloud Computing and Big Data" was confirmed to be held in Accra, Ghana, 14 - 15 March 2016 alongside the next SG13RG-AFR meeting. Report of the workshop steering committee about the preparations to date may be found in TD 215 (PLEN/13).

The second phase of the workshop on Trust "Future Trust and Knowledge Infrastructure, Phase II" was planned to be convened as a one day activity during the SG13 meeting in June - July 2016, TD 238 (PLEN/13).     

Innovations and promotion
This meeting tried a new format for convening the SG meeting with opening plenary in the middle, Monday of the second week of the meeting. This approach got a positive feedback and was agreed as a way of conducting SG13 meetings in the future.

A new piece of promotional material, moving band, has appeared at the SG13 At a glance webpage aiming to attract attention and interest to the recently approved Recommendations of SG13. This band may be used for the other purposes in the future.

New initiative from the SG13 chairman was implemented in Chairman's blog available from the SG13 homepage. 

Future activities
An important number of interim activities were agreed to, this includes the SG13 Questions that will meet as Rapporteur Groups in Geneva on 18 – 29 April 2016.  

Next meeting of Study Group 13 will take place on 29 April 2016, in Geneva, at the end of the co-located rapporteur group meetings in April 2016.  

Future meeting of Study Group 13 will take place from 27 June to 8 July 2016 in Geneva. It will be the last SG13 meeting in the current study period.