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Executive summary of the SG13 meeting - 4 to 15 November 2013, Kampala, Uganda

The paperless SG13 meeting held in Kampala, Uganda, at the kind invitation of Uganda Communications Commission, attracted 221 contributions and 120 delegates. In total the participation goes to 139 live + remote participants.
Recommendation approved (Resolution 1 - TAP)
ITU-T Rec. No.
Base text
Y.2723 (Y.NGN-OAuth) 
TD 69 (PLEN/13)
Support for OAuth in next generation networks
​Y.2724 (Y.NGN-OOF)​8
TD 68 (PLEN/13)
​New​Framework for supporting OAuth and OpenID in next generation networks
See TSB Circular 67 (dated 27 November 2013)
Recommendations determined (Resolution 1 - TAP)
ITU-T Rec. No.
Base text
Y.2725  (Y.NGN-OpenID)
TD 76 (PLEN/13)
Support for OpenID in next generation networks
See TSB Circular 76 (dated 19 December 2013)​ ​ ​ ​ ​
Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)
ITU-T Rec. No.
Base text
Y.1903 (Y.miptv-req)
TD 78 (PLEN/13)
Functional requirements of mobile IPTV
Y.2065 (Y.EHM-reqts)
TD 87 (PLEN/13)
Service and capability requirements for e-health monitoring services
Y.2253 (Y.MC-Streaming)
TD 81 (PLEN/13)
Capabilities of multi-connection to support streaming service 
Y.2254 (Y.MC-eMMTel)
TD 79 (PLEN/13)
Capabilities of multi-connection to support enhanced Multimedia Telephone (eMMTeL) service
Y.2064 (Y.eneergy-hn)
TD 94 (PLEN/13)
Energy saving using smart objects in home networks
Y.3032 (Y.FNid-config)
TD 82 (PLEN/13)
Configurations of node identifiers and their mapping with locators in future networks 
Y.3033 (Y.FNDAN)
TD 85 (PLEN/13)
Framework of data aware networks for Future Networks
Y.3045 (Y.sun-cdf)
TD 84 (PLEN/13)
Smart ubiquitous networks - Functional architecture of content delivery
Y.3511 (Y.ccic)​18  TD 77 (PLEN/13)​​New​Framework of inter-cloud computing for network and infrastructure
Supplements agreed to (Recommendation A.13)
ITU-T Rec. No.
Base text
Supplement 23 to Y.2770-series (Y.SupTerm)
TD 67 (PLEN/13)
Supplement on DPI terminology
Supplement 24 to Y.2000-series (Y.nscreen-sc)​1
TD 75 (PLEN/13)
​NewN-Screen service scenarios for FMC
Organization of the work
Q5/13 was entrusted a role to be a SG13 focal point for innovations and responsible for interactions with FG Innovation as part of this duty.
Coordination activities 
-       SG13 Q2/13 and Q14/13 joined the meeting of SDN related Questions across SGs 11 and 13. It was confirmed that joint session like this will be a regular attribute of each next SG13 meeting.
-       As lead SG on SDN, SG13 took part in the inaugural meeting of JCA-SDN, 11 November 2013.
-       Cloud computing Questions of SG13 had a joint remote meeting with WP2/2 to resolve the issue on cloud computing management Recs including harmonization on resource management study.
Important decisions (apart from Recommendations)
-       revised ToR for two collaborative teams with ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38/WG3 CT-CCRA and CT-CCVOCAB (TDs 56, 57 (PLEN/13))
-       moved the work item Y.VNC “Resource control and management for virtual networks for cloud services (VNCs)” from Q19/13 to Q6/13 where it was originated in the past study period
-       approved the new SG13RG-AFR structure as in TD 91 (PLEN/13)
Implementation of WTSA-12 Resolutions
In response to the WTSA-12 Resolution 38 (Coordination among the three ITU Sectors for activities relating to International Mobile Telecommunications) SG13 established the permanent Ad-Hoc group to deal with implementation of Resolution 38. Ad-Hoc, led by Konstantin Trofimov (Russia), will be in operation till the end of this study period and will look into the implementation part of the named Resolution, in particular, the work has started on creation of the mobile communications roadmap to cover the IMT and mobile communication studies in three sectors of ITU.
-       Nominated a new SG13 Vice-Chairman, Mrs Rim Belhassine-Cherif (Tunisia Telecom) to replace the SG13 Vice-Chairman from the same company who was not able to continue in his role as SG13 Vice-Chairman
-       Nominated  Mr Chae-Sub Lee, SG13 Chairman, as Acting WP2/13 Chairman.
-       Nominated Ms. Soumaya Benbertaoui (ARPT, Algeria) and Mr. Brice Murara (RURA, Rwanda) as SG13RG-AFR Vice-Chairmen in addition to Mr Ahmed Raghy, SG13RG-AFR Vice-Chairman.
-       Nominated Mrs. Rim Belhassine-Cherif (Tunisia) as SG13 promotion officer responsible for Northern Africa region
-       Nominated a new Rapporteur for Q4/13 (Identification of evolving IMT systems and beyond), Mr Bruce Murara (RURA, Rwanda). This position was vacant since the beginning of this year.
-       Nominated a new Associate Rapporteur for Q8/13 (Security and identity management in evolving managed networks (including software-defined networking)) Mr He Xiao (China Telecom)
-       Nominated a new Rapporteur for Q9/13 (Mobility management (including support for software-defined networking)), Mr Seng-Kyoun Jo (ETRI, Korea)
-       Nominated a new Rapporteur for Q19/13 (End-to-end Cloud computing service and resource management) Mr Mark Jeffrey (Microsoft, USA). In addition, Mark will serve as Liaison Rapporteur to ISO/IEC JTC 1/SC27.
-       Confirmed Mr Leo Lehmann (Switzerland) as a SG13 contact point for JCA-AHF
-       Nominated Mr Leo Lehmann as a Vocabulary Rapporteur in SG13
-       Nominated Mr Babak Jahromi (Microsoft, USA) as SG13 Liaison Rapporteur to TM Forum
Agreed to have a one day workshop on hot topics for standardization in SG13 in March – April 2014 in Africa (host/country TBC) alongside the SG13RG-AFR second meeting.
Bridging Standardization Gap (BSG)
BSG topic appeared on the agenda of the SG13 meeting in a form of activities of its Regional group for Africa. The report of the first meeting of the latter was agreed. Also, the meeting followed the brief overview of the workshop on different topics held back to back with the first meeting of the SG13RG-AFR in Algeria in September 2013 (Workshop Report is in TD62/PLEN).
The second meeting of the SG13 Regional Group for Africa will take place in March – April 2014 in Africa (host/country TBC). It will be one day activity.
Meeting logistics
The concept of tracks to manage the meeting, agreed in theory at the previous SG13 meeting, was followed in practice as much as possible at the November meeting.
-       Extended management team meeting for SG13RG-AFR took place on 6 November. The meeting agreed to restructure the regional group in order for it to better suit its objectives. Further this decision was ratified by the parent group (TD 95 (PLEN/13)). The practice of extended (any SG meeting participant is welcome to attend) management team meetings of SG13RG-AFR will be continues alongside of SG13 meetings in the future.
-       NGN GSI like “light” format for treating of documents for the co-located Rapporteur Groups meetings in Geneva in February 2014 was agreed to be tried. In short, for all SG13 co-located Rapporteur Groups meetings in Geneva, it will offer one series of documents called Doc and DDP without TSB involvement.
-       Opening plenary of SG13 in July 2014 will look into the consent of the two draft common texts with ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38 on cloud computing.
-       Opening plenary of 4 November allowed remote participation by Skype. 4 delegates (from Korea, Algeria, Germany and South Africa) took advantage of this service.
Next meetings
An important number of interim activities were agreed to, this includes 17 SG13 Questions that will meet as Rapporteur Groups in Geneva on 17-28 February 2014.
The Working Parties 1/13, 2/13 and 3/13 will convene a meeting each on Friday, 28 February 2014, in Geneva, in order to determine, give consent to the following draft Recommendations and agree on the Technical Paper as well as new work items, and future plans:
WP 1/13:
        -           Y.1271 revised, Framework(s) on network requirements and capabilities to support emergency telecommunications over evolving circuit-switched and packet-switched networks
        -           Y.IoT-common-reqts, Common requirements of Internet of Things
        -, Common requirements and capabilities of gateways for IoT applications
        -           Q.1742.11, IMT 2000 References (approved as of 31 December 2012) to ANSI-41 evolved Core Network with cdma2000 Access Network
            -            Technical paper on Applications of Wireless Sensor Networks in Next Generation Networks (TD 118/WP1)     
WP 2/13:
-   Y.dpifr, Framework for Deep Packet Inspection
-   Y.daas, Requirements and Reference Architecture of Desktop as a Service
WP 3/13:
       -  Y.SDN-FR, Framework of SDN (Software-Defined Networking)
       -  Y.FNvirtreq, Requirement of network virtualization for Future Networks
Next meeting of Study Group 13 will take place from 7 to 18 July 2014, in Geneva. Opening Plenary on 7 July 2014 will give consent to the common texts with ISO/IEC JTC1 SC38 Y.ccdef “Cloud computing - Overview and Vocabulary” and Y.ccra “Cloud computing reference architecture”.