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Executive summary of the SG 13 meeting of 12 – 23 January 2009, Geneva, Switzerland
This SG 13 meeting was the fist in the 2009 – 2012 Study Period, the mandate and the list of Questions under study as approved by the WTSA-08 is found in COM 13 – C 1. The meeting agreed on the SG structure to organize the work and on nomination of SG 13 Working Parties Chairmen, Vice-Chairmen, Rapporteurs and Associate Rapporteurs.

Actions taken on Recommendations at the 12 – 23 January 2009 SG 13 meeting

Recommendations approved on 23 January 2009

Recommendations approved (TAP Resolution 1)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
3 TD 16 (PLEN) New Requirements for the support of IPTV services
16 COM 13 – R 54:
Pervious Study Period
New The application of AAA service in NGN
16 TD 17 (PLEN) New NGN identity management framework
See TSB Circular 19 (dated 2 February 2009)

Recommendations approved on 23 January 2009 (AAP Recommendation A.8)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
5 TD 23 (PLEN) New General requirements for ID/locator separation in NGN
4 TD 19 (PLEN) New Ethernet QoS control for Next Generation Networks
20 TD 24 (PLEN) New Generic requirements and framework of FPBN addressing, routing and forwarding
3 TD 29 (PLEN) New MPLS-based mobility capabilities in NGN
See TSB Circular 18 (dated 2 February 2009)

Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP – Recommendation A.8)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
14 TD 30 (PLEN) New Functional models for customized multimedia ring service
Y.2214 was sent to the Last Call period of 1 February 2009 (see AAP-6).

Two permanent Ad-Hoc groups

Further to the decisions of the WTSA-08 and in particular Resolution 2 (regarding assisting the developing countries) and Resolution 56 (supporting mobilization of participation of developing regions), the meeting agreed to set up two ad-hoc groups Assisting Developing Countries (ADC) Ad-Hoc Group and Support Mobilization and Participation (MAP) Ad-Hoc Group with a mandate and leadership as found in TD 7 (PLEN/13). The groups held their first meetings that resulted in the adoption of the initial work plan as indicated in TD 26 (PLEN/13).

Review of Questions of SG 13

WTSA-08 sent couple of issues concerning allocation of studies for the further consideration of the Study Group 13. The meeting accepted the work for inclusion within SG 13 and specifically the following Questions:
  • Secure solutions for mobile payments issue:
    • agreed to include into the existing Q.16/13 “Security and identity management” as one of the work items; the Question Q.16/13 description was adjusted accordingly
  • Compatibility and interoperability issue:
    • agreed to hand over testing aspects to SG 11
    • agreed to continue on-going study on draft Y.phys_arch_ngn “Physical Architecture of NGN” in Q.5/13 “Principles and functional architecture for NGN (including ubiquitous networking)”
  • Move Q. K/13 “Packet forwarding and deep packet inspection for multiple services in packet-based networks and NGN environment” to SG 11:
    • Agreed to retain former Q.14/13 (now Q.17/13 “Packet forwarding and deep packet inspection for multiple services in packet-based networks and NGN environment”) in SG 13
    • SG 11 agreed on the above after SG 13 Chairman’s explanation of this proposal at the SG 11 opening plenary on 19 January 2009, which he attended
  • Service scenarios and deployment models issue:
    • Recognized that the items for study from C 95/WTSA are already covered by various Questions (see work programme)

SG 13 revised three of its Question texts and approved those revisions as follows:
  • Q.16/13 “Security and identity management” as in TD 18 (PLEN/13)
  • Q.17/13 “Packet forwarding and deep packet inspection for multiple services in packet-based networks and NGN environment” as in TD 22 (PLEN/13)
  • Q.15/13 “Applying IMS and IMT in developing country mobile telecom networks” as in TD 41 (PLEN/13)

Creation of the Focus Group on Future Networks

After a number of sessions of discussions during the two weeks of meeting, the WP 5/13 came up with the proposal to establish a new Focus Group on Future Networks (FG-FN). The SG 13 plenary agreed to establish a Focus Group on Future Networks (FG-FN) with the terms of reference as in TD 27 (PLEN/13) and the Chairman Mr. Naotaka Morita. The Vice-Chairman position is kept open leaving a possibility to be filled up with the member of non-ITU organization active in the filed of future networks. SG 13 is the parent SG of this FG.

Interim activities of Rapporteur groups authorized by the meeting are listed at
Those include the participation in the next NGN GSI event 11 – 22 May 2009 in Geneva, Switzerland.


The SG 13 meeting in January was run paperless.

Next meetings

The Working Parties 2, 3 and 4/13 plenary meetings will be convened in the afternoon of 22 May 2009 in order to give consent to the following draft Recommendations:
  • WP 2/13:
    • Y.ngn-vpn “VPN Service Capabilities in NGN mobile environment”
    • Y.ngn-mcastsf “NGN Multicast based service framework”
    • Y.NGN-R2-Reqts “Requirements and capabilities for ITU-T NGN release 2”
  • WP 3/13:
    • Y.MMCF “Mobility management and control framework and architecture within the NGN transport stratum”
    • Y.NGN-mcast-fa “Multicast Functions in Next Generation Networks”
    • Y.idserv-arch “Functional requirements and architecture of the NGN for applications and services using tag-based identification”
    • Y.FMC-IMS “Fixed mobile convergence with a common IMS session control domain”
  • WP 4/13:
    • Y.FAinX “Requirements for Flow Aggregate Information Exchange in NGN”
Next meeting of SG 13 will take place from 2 to 12 September 2009 in Mar del Plata in the Province of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Source of information: The SG 13 January meeting report, available in COM 13 – R 1.



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