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Executive summary of the SG 13 meeting of 2 – 12 September 2009, Mar Del Plata, Argentina
This meeting attracted 142 participants and 256 Contributions.

Meeting was electronic for the second time.

Recommendation approved (TAP Resolution 1)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
3 COM 13 – R 8 Revised Requirements and Capabilities for ITU-T NGN
See TSB Circular 59 (dated 29 September 2009)

Recommendation determined (TAP Resolution 1)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
16  TD 58 R1 (PLEN/13) New Security mechanisms and procedures for NGN
See TSB Circular 58 (dated 2 October 2009)

Recommendations Approved (AAP Recommendation A.8)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
5 TD 66 (PLEN/13) New Multicast Functions in Next Generation Networks
5 TD 63 (PLEN/13) New Mobility management and control framework and architecture within the NGN transport stratum
3 TD 83 (PLEN/13) New Framework for NGN support of multicast based services
See TSB Circular 60 (dated 1 October 2009)

Recommendations consented for Last Call (AAP Recommendation A.8)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2002 (Y.NGN-UbiNnet) 5 TD 65 (PLEN/13) New Overview of ubiquitous networking and of its support in NGN
Y.2007 (Y.NGN-Cap2) 1 TD 59 (PLEN/13) New NGN Capability Set 2
Y.2221 (Y.USN-reqts) 3 TD 85 (PLEN/13) New Requirements for support of Ubiquitous Sensor Network (USN) applications and services in the NGN environment
Y.2237 (Y.cmoip) 14 TD 72 (PLEN/13) New Functional model, service scenarios and use cases for QoS enabled mobile VoIP service
Q.1741.6 10 TD 62 (PLEN/13) New IMT-2000 references to Release 8 of GSM evolved UMTS core network

Review of Questions of SG 13

SG 13 revised the Question 16/13 “Security and identity management” text, TD 60 (PLEN/13). It reflects the decision of the meeting on the proposal from Contribution C 196, i.e. to apply TAP as a default approval procedure for all outputs of Q.16/13.

Focus Group on Future Networks

The progress of the Focus Group on Future Networks (FG-FN) is reported in TD 39/WP5. The meeting noted the nomination of Mr. Hyoung Jun Kim (ETRI, Korea) as the Vice-Chairman of the group.


Associate Rapporteur for Q.9/13 – Mr. Oscar Lopez-Torres (InterDigital, USA)

Contact points for
  • ICT and Climate Change – Mr. Chaesub Lee (SG 13 Chairman)
  • Home Networks – Mr. Gyu Myoung Lee (Q.12/13 Rapporteur)
  • Multimedia – Mr. Leo Lehmann (WP 1/13 Co-Chairman)
  • JCA Mgt – Mr. Marco Carugi (Q.3/13 Rapporteur), reconfirmed
  • JCA CIT - Mr. Chaesub Lee (SG 13 Chairman)
Two permanent Ad-Hoc groups

The two ad-hoc groups Assisting Developing Countries (ADC) Ad-Hoc Group and Support Mobilization and Participation (MAP)Ad-Hoc Group met during this SG 13 meeting for the second time. During that meeting groups noted the progress to date according to the initial work plan.

Climate Change

The SG 13 formed its position with regards to the Climate Change issue as found in TD 79 (PLEN/13). The Climate Change roadmap (TD 73 (PLEN/13)) was drafted as an initial step to contribute to the climate change studies. SG 13 will up-date it on a regular basis.

SG13 took part in the Seminar on ITU-T hot topics for standardization held on 2 September.

Next meetings

The next SG 13 meting will be convened as one day meeting on the last day of NGN GSI event in January, 29 January 2010, in order to give consent/determine/approve the following draft Recommendations/Supplements:
  • WP 1/13:
    • Consent of draft new Recommendation Y.iptvterms “Terms and definitions for IPTV”
    • Approval of Supplement TRY.FC-survey “Global ICT fora/consortia survey”
  • WP 2/13:
    • Consent draft new Recommendation Y.NGN-MCC “NGN Capability Requirements to Support MCC services”
    • Consent draft new Recommendation Y.iptvintwrm “IPTV services over interworking between NGN”
    • Consent draft new Recommendation Y.msc-ngn-hn “Multiservice capabilities in NGN based home network”
    • Consent draft new Recommendation Y.NGN-vehicle “Framework of Networked Vehicle in NGN”
  • WP 3/13:
    • Consent draft Recommendation Y.NACF rev 1 “Network attachment control functions in NGN”
    • Consent draft Recommendation Y.NGN-FRA rev 1 “Functional requirements and architecture of NGN”
    • Approval of Supplement Y.MC-SCEN “Multi-Connection Scenario in NGN”
  • WP 4/13:
    • Consent of draft new Recommendation Y.IPTV-TM “Traffic management mechanisms and capabilities for the support of IPTV services”
    • Consent of draft new Recommendation Y.dpireq “Requirements of deep packet inspection in packet-based networks and NGN environment”
    • Determine draft new Recommendation Y.ngnIdMreq “NGN identity management requirements and use cases”
  • WP 5/13:
    • Approval of Supplement Y.dsnscen “DSN Use Cases”
    • Consent of draft new Recommendation Y.dsnreq “Requirements for DSN”
    • Approval of Supplement Y.iSCP_scen “Scenarios for independent Scalable Control Plane (iSCP) in FPBN”
Another SG 13 meeting is planned to take place from 19 to 30 April 2010 in Geneva, Switzerland.


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