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Executive summary of the Study Group 13 meeting (16 September 2010, Geneva, Switzerland)

This was a half-day Study Group meeting for making the decisions. Those were as follows.

Main SG 13 meeting results

Recommendation approved (Resolution 1 - TAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2721 (Y.ngnIdMreq) 16 TD 142 (PLEN/13) New NGN identity management requirements and use cases
See TSB Circular 139 (dated 20 September 2010)

Recommendation determined (Resolution 1 - TAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2722 (Y.ngnIdMmechanism) 16 TD 153 (PLEN/13) New NGN Identity Management Mechanisms
Y.2740 (Y.NGN-Mobile-Financial-Requirements) 16 TD 151 (PLEN/13) New Security Requirements for Mobile Remote Financial Transactions in the Next Generation Networks (NGN)
Y.2741 (Y.NGN mobile financial architecture) 16 TD 145 (PLEN/13) New Architecture of Secure Mobile Financial Transactions in the Next Generation Networks (NGN)
See TSB Circular 140 (dated 8 October 2010)

Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
12 TD 148 (PLEN/13) New Framework of networked vehicle using NGN
12 TD 155 (PLEN/13) New Framework for home network using NGN architecture

Revision of Question

Q.23/13 description was revised to reflect that new tasks of this Question are to identify requirements, capabilities, use cases, and architecture of cloud computing from telecommunication perspectives in cooperation with other relevant SG13 questions. In addition the new Question text includes the possibility to prepare Recommendations. The agreed Q.23/13 “Cloud Computing” text may be found in TD 143 (PLEN/13). The new question Q23/13 will be reported to TSAG after the next January 2011 SG13 meeting harmonizing with further work items in other Questions.


Mr. Gao Wei (China) was agreed as Associate Rapporteur for Q.23/13 “Cloud Computing”.


The meeting considered the decision of JCA-NGN (with recommendation from TSR) to transfer the Q.5/13 work item Y.phys-arch “Physical architecture of NGN with interoperability points” with related terminology work to SG 11, WP 4/11. This decision was reconfirmed with the objection from India.

This meeting attracted 157 participants.

The meeting was again (since the beginning of the present Study Period) run paperless.

Next meeting

The next SG 13 meeting is planned to take place from 17 to 28 January 2011 in Geneva, Switzerland. That meeting will continue the current practice in SG 13 to run its meetings paperless.

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