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Executive summary of the SG 13 meeting of 10 – 21 October 2011, Geneva, Switzerland

This meeting attracted 205 participants and 257 Contributions.  

The meeting was again (since the beginning of the present Study Period) run paperless.

Main SG 13 meeting results


Recommendations consented for Last Call (Recommendation A.8 - AAP)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Y.2111​ 4/13​ TD 240R1 (PLEN/13)​ Revised​ Resource and admission control functions in Next Generation Networks​
Y.2122Amd1​ 4/13​ ​TD 242 (PLEN/13) New​ Recommendation ITU-T Y.2122, Flow Aggregate Information Exchange Functions in Next Generation Networks, Amendment 1, Information Model​
Y.2057 (Y.IPv6split)​ 7/13​ TD 236R1 (PLEN/13)​ New​ Framework of Identifiers and Locators Separation in IPv6-based Next Generation Networks​
Y.2058 (Y.IPv6migration)​ 7/13​ TD 244 (PLEN/13)​ New​ Roadmap for IPv6 Migration from Next Generation Networks Operators’ Perspectives​
Q.1741.7​ 10/13​ TD 232 (PLEN/13)​ New​ IMT 2000 references to Release 9 of GSM-evolved UMTS core network​
Q.1742.9​ 10/13​ TD 233R1 (PLEN/13)​ New​ IMT 2000 References (approved as of 31 December 2010) to ANSI-41 evolved Core Network with cdma2000 Access Network​
21/13​ TD 245 (PLEN/13)​ New​ Framework of network virtualization for Future Networks​
21/13​ TD 241 (PLEN/13)​ New​ Framework of energy saving for Future Networks​
22/13​ TD 243 (PLEN/13)​ New​ Framework of Mobility Management in Service Stratum for Next Generation Networks​


Supplement agreed to (Recommendation A.13)

ITU-T Rec. No. Q Base text Status Title
Supplement 15 to Y.2000-series (Y.pass)​ 24/13​ TD  246 (PLEN/13)​ New​ ​Profile-based application adaptation service using NGN


Preparations for the next Study Period

The SG 13 undertook an initial review of its Questions and their possible texts for the next study period.  Most Questions performed such a review. The SG decided to work more on the texts of Questions in February and June meetings and submit a set of SG 13 Questions to TSAG after its meeting in June 2012.


A one day workshop “Service Delivery Platforms (SDP) for Telecommunication Ecosystems: from today’s realities to requirements and challenges of the future” was of the success attracting 91 participants and 19 persons connected by remote. As an outcome of this workshop, SG 13 agreed to initiate the roadmap on service delivery platforms works in ITU-T and different SDOs (led by Q.25/13 “Coordination, Planning, and Terminology” with participation of all other related Questions).
A new workshop was agreed to be held in April 2012 in Kampala, Uganda. It will be two days event entitled “Developments regarding telecommunication networks and services” convened in association with the interim Q.15/13 (Applying IMS and IMT in developing country mobile telecom networks) Rapporteur meeting.


As has been said above the SG 13 agreed to initiate the roadmap on service delivery platforms works in ITU-T and different SDOs (led by Q.25/13 Coordination, Planning, and Terminology with participation of all other related Questions).

To avoid duplication of efforts the IoT roadmap document initiated in SG 13 in January 2011 was dropped giving the opportunity for the JCA IoT to continue with its roadmap on IoT (formerly known as NID roadmap).

Correspondence groups

It was agreed to continue with the correspondence group between Q.21/13 and ISO/IEC JTC 1 SC 6. The group is supposed to find future collaboration topics between SG13 and JTC 1 SC 6. It was set up in January 2011.

A new correspondence group to discuss a proposal for a new area of study in SG 13 on cloud computing was established. It is continuation of the ad-hocs on cloud computing discussions taken place during the October SG 13 meeting. The correspondence group is open for participation and will be available for self-subscription.

Enhancing working procedures

At this meeting SG 13 started to use the Recommendation justification template that is a one page document that gives in a concise form the information about the rationale, supporters and leaders of the work on a new draft Recommendation in SG 13.


A Direct Documents Posting system was first time offered to the SG 13 delegates. It covered contributions submissions for the October 2011 meeting and it proved to be an effective challenge. The same working environment will be extended for the meetings in February 2012.

Newcomers welcome progamme was run for the SG 13 new comers. It seems to work well for the new delegates.

Closing plenary was webcasted.

Next Meetings

  • SG 13 plenary on 6 February 2012, morning, Geneva (agenda is given in Annex 1 of Collective Letter 10/13)
  • WPs 2, 3, 4 and 5/13 meetings on 17 February 2012, afternoon, Geneva (agenda is given in Annex 1 of Collective Letter 11/13)
  • SG 13 meeting on 4 - 15 June 2012, Geneva.