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E-meeting Facilities Table

By Requirements




Adobe Connect

Number of Attendees (including presenter)

Up to 26


Up to 100 


Up to 1000

Type and purpose

Fully virtual meeting
(Ex. Online Rapporteur meetings)


Physical meeting with remote participation
(Ex SG Meetings held in ITU Geneva)

(max 26)


Webinars,Workshops and Seminars with remote participation


ITU Meeting Rooms Geneva


Remote location


Translation in 6 Languages




By Functionalities





Desktop Sharing or Application Sharing

Present/Access desktop selected applications

  Share/Transfer keyboard and mouse control      




Scheduling meetings

Ad-hoc meetings
(one-click meetings)


Recurring meetings






Interaction between presenters and attendees

Chat and Private Messaging

       Raise Hand      




    Audio Conferencing

    VoIP using PC with headset


    PSTN (Dial in or Call-back option)




    Audio Functions

    Mixed VoIP and PSTN 3


    Mute participants


    Listen mode via PC




    Video/Webcam integration




    Recording of screen content and audio




    Detailed reports
    (pre- and post-session)

    List of participants only




    Ease of use and meeting setup

    Very intuitive user interface

    Very intuitive user interface

    A bit more complicated



    Quick and easy install

    Quick and easy install

    Quick and easy install


    Platforms supported:
    Windows, Mac, iOS, Android


    Organizer accounts for Study Groups

    1 Using GoToMeeting Integrated Toll Free
    2 Using RPhone (Integrated in Adobe Connect)
    3 VoIP and GoToMeeting Integrated Toll Free.