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E-meeting Audio Options

1. Audio options available with GoToMeeting sessions provided by ITU-T

GoToMeeting includes an integrated audio solution that allows participants to join the e-meeting via Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP).or via telephone using a toll-free number that is indicated in the GoToMeeting invitation.
To ensure that an e-meeting runs smoothly:

  • Connect and set up audio in advance:
    Failure to do so is likely to delay the start of the meeting and/or reduce audio quality for all attendees.
  • Mute your microphone when not in use:
    Unmuted microphones can lead to echoes and unpleasant feedback on the call. The use of a quality headset significantly reduces these side effects.
  • Speak directly into the microphone:
    Adapt the volume of your speech, and the position of your microphone, such that the decibel level is approximately centred on the in-app audio monitor.
  • Help others to understand you:
    Speak slowly and clearly, and conduct the call from a quiet place. If appropriate, consider ending with the words “This concludes my intervention”.

Very Important!
By default, GoToMeeting/GoToWebinar sessions are set up with a combination of VoIP and the GoToMeeting integrated toll-free telephone connection. When sending a request for a new GoToMeeting session, meeting organizers should inform TSB if they do not wish to provide the option of an integrated toll-free telephone connection.

2. Audio options available with Adobe Connect sessions provided by ITU-T

Rphone is used as the audio conferencing tool for Adobe Connect sessions. It is an integrated audio bridge for Adobe Connect which allows two-way VoIP/telephony.