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Numbering Resources

International Numbering Resources​​​


INR Database

​​INR Database (Restricted Access) Access to this database is restricted to ITU Member States and ITU-T Sector Members only.​
To log in, enter the email address associated with your ITU user account, and your TIES password. New


The ITU Operational Bulletin is a fortnightly publication containing administrative and operational information exchanged between administrations and recognized operating agencies (ROAs) and other service providers, entities and organizations, in respect to international telecommunication services.

ENUM Delegations

ENUM defines a method for entering Recommendation E.164 country codes into the Internet Domain Name System.

The Object Identifier (OID)

​​​​​An object identifier (OID) is an identification mechanism defined in the Recommendations ITU-T X.660 | ISO/IEC 9834 series for naming any type of object, concept or "thing" with a globally unambiguous name which requires a persistent name (long life-time). The ITU-T Study Group 17 OID Project assists users of OIDs within and outside of ITU-T. 

Misuse OF E.164 Numbering Resources

​​Member States and Sector Members are kindly asked to notify the TSB of situations that they are aware of that indicate potential misuse of numbering resources.
The reports and replies available on this website may be accessed by ITU TIES users only.​​

Bureaufax Table


​The Bureaufax Table, published in collaboration with the Universal Postal Union (UPU) in pursuance of the provisions of ITU-T Recommendation F.170 (03/98), is now published in electronic version only.​

Recognized Operating Agencies (ROA)

The status of Recognized Operating Agency (ROA) is used within certain ITU-T Recommendations, e.g. E.118, E.164.1, E.169.1, E.169.2, E.212, Q.708, X.121 as a criterion regarding assignment of international numbering resources. Such a list would assist in the administration of international numbering resources and would facilitate the exchange of information between ROAs, for example, on numbering changes.​