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ITU Workshop on the efficient use of the spectrum/orbit resource (Limassol, Cyprus, 14-16 April 2014) > Programme

Monday, 14 April 2014

Speech by Minister of Communications and Works
Activities of the Department of Electronic Communications
Yvon Henri (ITU)
Marios Demetriades (Minister of Communications and Works)
Andronikos Kakkouras (DEC) - PPT
10.00Technological Developments in the Satellite Industry
HTS, NGSO, Spot Beams
Mobility Applications (including aeronautical, maritime and emergency relief)
Enabling Ultra HD
Chris Snowdon (Iridium) - PPT | BIO
Hazem Moakkit (O3b) - PDF | BIO
Daryl T. Hunter (ViaSat) - PPT | BIO
11.15Coffee Break
11.30Satellite Interference Resolution
Space Data Association & Interference Geo-location
Carrier ID
Training & Certification
David Hartshorn (GVF) - PPT | BIO
Guido Baraglia (SAT Corporation) - PPT | BIO
Martin Coleman (sIRG) - PPT
​1.45Overview of ITU Satellite Framework
Satellite Networks, Coordination & Notification​
​Hon Fai Ng (ITU) - PDF
Yvon Henri (ITU) - PDF
3.30Enabling Access to the Spectrum & Orbit Resources
Cleaning up the MIFR: WRC-12 and Possible Next Steps
ITU and Industry Capacity-building Efforts
Opportunities for New Entry
Incentives for optimal spectrum/orbit use
Kumar Singarajah (Avanti) - PDF
Patrick van Niftrik (SES) - PPT | BIO
Ethan Lavan (EUTELSAT)
Per Hovstad (Asiasat) - PPT | BIO
4.45Coffee Break
5.00Future Improvements to ITU Satellite Framework
Practical Difficulties with Existing Rules
Proposals for Further Reforms
Hazem Moakkit (O3b) - PDF | BIO
6.00Close of 1st Day

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

09.00Review of Day One Highlights
09.15Regulatory Best Practices
Earth Stations on Vessels
Earth Stations on Mobile Platforms
Unmanned Aircraft System
Blanket Licensing of HTS
Regulating Nano & Pico Satellites
Tony Azzarelli (OFCOM, UK) - PPT
Mario Neri (Inmarsat) - PPT | DOC | BIO
Martin Buscher (Technische Universität Berlin) - PDF | BIO
11.00WRC-15: Key Agenda Items
Increasing Satellite Spectrum Demand (e.g. AI 1.6 for Ku and AI 1.9 for X)
Potential WRC-15 Proposals
Proposals for Wireless Use of Satellite Bands: C, Ku, Ka and beyond
Spectrum Sharing: Analysis & Implications
Ethan Lavan (EUTELSAT) as Chairman of SIG
Per Hovstad (Asiasat) - PPT | BIO
Cecil Ameil (SES/ESOA) - PPT
David Hartshorn (GVF)PPT | BIO
2.30Radio Monitoring As a Regulatory Tool
Existing Public & Private Capabilities
Technical Issues
Economic Considerations
Legal Matters
Guido Baraglia (SAT Corporation) - PPT | BIO
Yvon Henri (ITU)
3.15Open Forum Discussion
The delegates will participate in moderated open-forum discussion relating to future steps to be taken relating to satellite spectrum and regulatory solutions.
Tony Azzarelli (OFCOM, UK)
6.00Close of 2nd Day

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

09.00Specific workshop to familiarize participants with the use of ITU BR software for submission of satellite network filings to ITU, evaluating coordination requirements, and the submission of comments on Bureau publications.
- Non-planned procedures (PDF)
- BR software applications (PDF)
- Coordination examination (PDF)
- Comments by Administrations (PDF)
- Current BR developments (PDF)
Hon Fai Ng (ITU)
Yvon Henri (ITU)
1.00Close of 3rd Day