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ITU-D Achievements (1992-2017)



ITU-D Achievements (1992-2017)
25 years

ITU-D Achievements

Since 1992, the ITU Development Sector (ITU-D) has immensely contributed to the rapid growth and expansion of telecommunication/ICT networks and services. Telecommunications/ICTs are helping to expand and improve access to government services, health care, education, agricultural services, financial and banking services, and market information.

World Telecommunication Development Conferences (WTDC) have set the agenda for telecommunication and information and communication technologies development over the years. They continue to define the way forward to accelerate socio-economic development for all.

See below how ITU-D has helped to improve people’s lives over the past 25 years:

25 years of changing regulatory and market environments


Maximizing the use of new technologies for the development of information and communication infrastructure and services


Embracing innovation in the digital age


Strengthening partnerships for development


Harnessing the power of mobile phones: everyday, everywhere


Collaborating and exchanging knowledge to address ICT priorities through ITU-D Study Groups


Keeping the on-line world safe


Building capacity and new skills


Measuring the information society


Ensuring ICT accessibility and the use of ICTs for the social and economic development of all


Saving lives


Ensuring that no country is left behind on the journey to socio-economic development for all


Protecting the environment with a focus on climate change and e-waste


Joining forces: bringing together all stakeholders


Implementing projects to make the world a better place