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ITU Innovation Challenges

Become an ITU Innovation Challenge winner and take part in one of our key flagship events (Young ICT Leaders' Forum or Telecomm 2019) for a boot camp.

Innovation Ecosystem Program 2019

This event will be fully integrated into the activities at the ITU Telecom World 2019. Click here to learn how you can participate!

Young ICT Leaders' Forum 2019

 This year's theme  is on “Mind the gap: Sustainability and Impact in Smart Cities”. Click here to learn more and participate!

Innovation Publications!

Recent Publications ​!

Access, browse and Download Publications & Project Documentations of the work of ITU-D Innovation in our Publications Download Section.

Innovation @ ITU-D: What we do & Why

Competiveness, in an increasing open global economy, requires new approaches to develop an enabling digital environment across sectors. In recent years, ITU innovation research has shown that there is a growing digital innovation divide among countries. The Telecommunication Development Bureau (BDT) has developed a cross-sector & multi-stakeholder Digital Innovation Framework with the aim to assist countries, cities and ecosystems address today's challenges by empowering them to accelerate their digital transformation.

Innovation Platform for Accelerated Digital Transformation

The ITU-D Innovation Platform provides assistance in form of services & tools to support membership to actively foster the development of a vibrant innovation ecosystem & accelerate digital transformation.

The ITU Innovation Platform's Products & Services

Country Review

Comprehensive multi-stakeholder 
assessment, addressing needs & 
recommendations for your ecosystem 

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Ecosystem Review

Quick review of the ecosystem to develop & implement SDG-9 flagship projects to accelerate digital transformation 

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Digital Innovation Profile

Short profile of the national framework, 
providing international comparable 
measurements of ICT innovation capabilities 

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Knowledge Sharing Platform

Platform initiative to share knowledge, tools 
& best practices, enabling stakeholders to 
engage in a global dialogue on innovation 

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