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Partnerships are essential for the implementation of the Special Programme for LDCs. Multilateral organizations and in particular the private sector can help make a difference by accelerating the pace of telecommunication development in LDCs. With the forces of sector reform and globalization opening up the telecommunication sector to liberalization and privatization, and to possible strategic alliances, mergers and acquisitions, the environment is ripe for any permutation of partnerships. The BDT prides itself of a policy of positive engagement with the private sector and neutrality in building partnerships. This was evident at the very successful Partnership Round Table held in Geneva (23-24 November 2000) for Cambodia, Chad, Comoros, Ethiopia, Sudan and Tanzania.

E-Learning MoU with INMARSAT Limited

This is an ITU/Inmarsat initiative to develop e-learning services in priority least developed countries and other developing countries. The objective is to provide Internet connectivity to rural schools and e-health through Inmarsat’s Regional BGAN IP satellite modem. The satellite that provides high speed data service at up to 144 kilobits per second is available to 99 countries in the Middle East, North and Central Africa, Europe, the Indian sub-continent, and parts of Central Asia. However, the service will be available to the rest of the developing countries following the launch of a new satellite in 2005.