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ICT Country Profiles of the Landlocked Developing Countries (LLDCs)

The LLDC country profiles are extracted from the Volume 2 (ICT country profiles) of the ITU Measuring the Information Society Report 2018. Each individual country profile provides a snapshot of the latest ICT landscape and efforts made to increase ICT access and use.


​ISO Country Code

Afghanistan * AFG
Armenia ARM
Azerbaijan AZE
Bhutan * BTN
Bolivia BOL
Botswana BWA
Burkina Faso * BFA
Burundi * BDI
Central African Republic * CAF
Chad * TCD
Ethiopia * ETH
Kazakhstan KAZ
Kyrgyzstan KGZ
Lesotho * LSO
Malawi * MWI
Mali * MLI
Mongolia MNG
Nepal * NPL
Niger * NER
Paraguay PRY
Republic of Moldova MDA
Rwanda * RWA
South Sudan * SSD
Tajikistan TJK
Republic of North Macedonia MKD
Turkmenistan TKM
Uganda * UGA
Uzbekistan UZB
Zambia * ZMB
Zimbabwe ZWE

Also a least developed country
⁺ Effective 19 April 2018, the Kingdom of Swaziland has been renamed to the Kingdom of Eswatini
Source:  Measuring the Information Society Report 2017, ITU