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Be He@lthy, Be Mobile currently operates in eleven countries from a range of different income groups and interest areas – and has received requests for support from over 90 additional ones.​

Burkina Faso | mTobaccoCessation
Norway | mBreatheFreely
Tunisia | mTobaccoCessation, mDiabetes 
Costa Rica | mTobaccoCessation
Philippines | mTobaccoCessation
United Kingdom | digital health in general​
Egypt | mDiabetes, mTB-Tobacco
​​Senegal ​| mDiabetes
Zambia | mCervicalCancer 
India | mTobaccoCessationmDiabetes
Sudan | mCervicalCancer, mBreastCancer, mDiabetes
European Union | EU mHealth Innovation & Knowledge Hub

EU-comission-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpg norway-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpg tunisian-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpgzambie-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpgUK-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpgindia-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpg
egypt-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpg costa-rica-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpg senegal-partners-behealthy-bemobile.jpgsudan-partner-BHBM.png

Each country chooses the intervention that best suits the population’s and health system needs.

The original programme can be expanded into a broader portfolio of additional mHealth programmes – with minimal extra investment – using the same technology and processes, to include new content and services for other issue areas.