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Dedicated to the study and analysis of Digital Health solutions and its converging ecosystem, the aim of ITU-D study group “Information and telecommunications/ICTs for e-health” is to accelerate impact on national development priorities of Member States by providing suitable guidelines for standardization and identifying emerging technology trends which can bring positive impact to the health sector, such as medical big data and Artificial Intelligence.

E-health plays a crucial role in healthcare delivery in developing countries, where the acute shortage of doctors, nurses and paramedics is directly proportional to the enormous unsatisfied demand for health services, but a steep expansion of the mobile telecommunication network provides opportunities for the implementation of E-health activities.

The study group focuses on questions in four areas: (i) awareness raising on the role of ICTs in improving health care delivery with high level decision-makers, (ii) fostering collaboration between ICT stakeholders and the health sector, (iii) review and collection of best practice on the use of E-health in developing countries including legal and financial issues, and lastly (iv) providing suitable guidelines on collecting and managing big data for public health crises and introducing and disseminating ITU-T standards related to e-health for developing countries. A set of guidelines will be developed to guide implementation of e-health master plans. Collaboration with ITU-T Study Group 16 will be sought to accelerate the elaboration of technical standards for e-health applications.

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