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Recognizing shifting priorities in the second phase of the BHBM initiative which set a strengthened focus on Knowledge sharing and support through innovation hubs, and the exploration of digital innovations and new technologies, promising BHBM programme innovations include: The EU mHealth Hub, the Talking Book, and the Robust tablet for health care workers in LMICs.​

Launched in 2017/18, the EU mHealth Knowledge and Innovation Hub – jointly managed by WHO and ITU and funded by the European Commission – has the purpose of collecting and disseminating research and experience relating to large-scale implementations of mHealth programmes, as well as building further capacity to support Member States in implementing national mHealth programmes.

For more information, check the dedicated page about the EU mHealth Hub.


Talking Book​​
​ ​​

The Talking Book is a partnership between Literacy Bridge BHBM and ARM, and allows provision of mHealth services orally through a device that allows vocal/oral messaging. Features of the device include: Speaker for group listening, speakers for local language, updated and monitored over U​SB, Microphone for user feedback, and Embossed for use in the dark or when blind. It is funded for pilot testing in Gabon. 

Robust tablet for health care workers in LMICs​​

The Robust tablet for health care workers in Low Middle Income Countries (LMICs), is a partnership between WHO, BHBM, DFID, and ARM. Currently in development, it is intended to provide health care workers in LMICs with functional, appropriate devices that enable the expansion of ICT and mobile applications for development. ​