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Reports, papers and series for discussion during GSR-18

AI for Development Series

The AI for development series was developed to deepen the understanding, and promote further discussion and collaboration, among policy makers and regulators of the significance of artificial intelligence ( AI) and the policy and regulatory issues that are beginning to emerge from the development of AI.

The series includes four modules:


The Introductory module

This module introduces some of the key aspects of AI and the important policy and regulatory issues that arise and that are discussed elsewhere in the AI Series.


The module on Setting the Stage for AI Governance: Interfaces, Infrastructures, and Institutions for Policymakers and Regulators

This module examines governance strategies for AI to limit the risks arising from these innovative applications and helping to unlock their opportunities.


The module on AI, ethics and society

This module examines the ethical and societal issues arising from AI.


The module on AI, IoT and security aspects

This module examines the relevance of AI in the current and future development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and how security should be addressed, including in relation to data protection and privacy.

Setting the stage for 5G: Opportunities and challenges

This report has been prepared as part of the overall framework of AI series of reports to help governments, information communications and technology (ICT) regulators or national regulatory authorities (NRAs) prepare for AI and 5G digital transformation. It reviews 5G expectations and examines the infrastructure and investment requirements on the private and public sectors to prepare for 5G, to support emerging use cases and services, it provides a high-level cost model to estimate the potential capital investment and identifies key issues for consideration by policy makers and regulators to facilitate 5G deployment.

Release of the 2017 edition of the ICT Regulatory Tracker

The ICT Regulatory Tracker is an evidence-based tool to help decision-makers and regulators make sense of the rapid evolution of ICT regulation. The Tracker enables various analytical features to pinpoint the changes taking place in the CT regulatory environment. Using both quantitative and qualitative data, the Tracker makes possible benchmarking and the identification of trends in ICT legal and regulatory frameworks. It likewise helps identify the gaps in existing regulatory frameworks, making the case for further regulatory reform towards achieving a vibrant and inclusive ICT sector. The Tracker covers up to 190 ITU Member States over the period 2007 – 2017.