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Special Query System

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Special queries to extract information on frequency slots, beams, frequencies, bands and classes of station for a satellite,
or list of beams ,frequencies, bands and date of bringing into use of a satellite, etc.         find Which Query?

Notice special query
network analysis matrix representation of frequencies and beams of a network     more ...     sample
quick transaction summary summary information of a network/earth station more ... sample
list of earth stations associated with a given satellite beam more ... sample
network/associated earth stations/testpoints all associated earth stations/testpoints of a network more ... sample
list of satellites / with earth stations covering a country and/or a service area defined by coordinates more ... sample
list of satellite networks/earth stations class of station information for given frequency range more ... sample
list of space/earth stations operating in a given frequency range (frequency slots) more ... sample
frequency range (space) beams, frequencies, bands for all classes of station more ... sample
frequency slots (space) frequency distribution by frequency range and longitude range     more ... sample
PLAN reference situation reference situation for an assignment in the Planned Bands     more ... sample
date of bringing into use information based on frequency ranges for specified
geostationary / non-geostationary satellites

more ...

Publication special query
space stations sorted by orbital positions and publication date more ... sample
administrative due diligence (Res.49/Res552) networks received by the bureau under Res49/Res552 more ... sample
space BR IFIC/WIC publications published by BR in a given period more ... sample
Miscellaneous queries
group summary summary information of a group/transaction more ... sample
RES 609 (WRC-03) RNSS ITU publication reference for the frequency band 1164 - 1215 MHz more ... sample


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