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Help on frequency distribution query

The scope of the query

This query allows you to make a search on the database by frequency range. In case of geostationary satellites the search is performed in a given longitude range. The query gives the number of assigned frequencies in the range and gives the distribution of the frequencies. For geostationary satellites the result is presented in a tabular form: columns for longitude intervals , rows for frequency intervals. You can navigate further by selecting a certain longitude interval: the histogram of the result is plotted at the end of the page. For non-geostationary satellites no further navigation is needed, the histogram of the result is plotted at the end of the page.

Selection Options

list of all geostationary or non-geostationary satellites using frequencies in a given range

What to do? For geostationary satellites only: For geostationary and non-geostationary satellites: Remark How to go further?

You may click on the highlighted number of assigned frequencies to have the list of satellites using the frequencies. From the satellite list you may select a particular satellite to navigate further.
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