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Featured Activities

​Featured Activities

Council Working Group on Child Online Protection

​ITU’s work and role in child online protection are guided by the Council Working Group on Child Online Protection. Through the Council Working Group, our membership, countries and sector members make recommendations and provide invaluable inputs to the Initiative. The working group is open to all Member States and Sector Members of ITU.


COP National Survey

​The COP National Survey aims to determine the scope of COP policy and legal frameworks across the world, and understand issues faced at the national level. More than 100 countries are represented in this survey.



Child Online Protection Statistical Framework and Indicators

​The Child Online Protection Statistical Framework and Indicators complements our work on the COP National Survey. It was developed to facilitate the production of accurate and comparable statistics on this topic.



National Case Study

ITU is now collecting national case studies on child online protection with the aim of sharing best practice and developing policies. The first of these studies was published recently and is on CostaRica, which is addressing online child safety through several programmes and projects.


Partnership with Trend Micro

​ITU signed a MoU with Trend Micro with the objective of establishing a framework for collaboration in line with the mutual goal of creating a more secure and safer information society. Through this partnership, ITU will benefit from Trend Micro’s institutional expertise and research. As a joint effort, the ITU and Trend Micro will distribute information to ITU membership on a regular basis.


Child Online Protection Pilot Program in Ethiopia

​ITU established a partnership with the African Child Online Protection Education and Awareness Centre (ACOPEA) to run a pilot exercise to train 100 safety ambassadors from government, law enforcement and educators from 25 schools across Addis Ababa, Ethiopia. Spot messages promoting online safety for children and young people were developed under the banner ‘’Click Safe, Click Clever’’. It is estimated that at the end of the pilot exercise in January 2014, 15,000 children would have seen the safety messages. Following several discussions with different stakeholders and the interest from several African administrations to enhance and invest in their educational and training activities, ITU, Facebook and ACOPEA are now planning to start an African E-Safety Project.

COP National Strategy Framework

​ITU IMPACT together with its partners is helping countries to organize Child Online Protection Strategy Framework workshop. The main objective of the workshop is to assist national stakeholders in planning and deploying an effective and practical approach to COP that can be implemented in the country. The programme is  designed for stakeholders to gain a deeper understanding of the tools and resources at their disposal, build relationships with participating COP experts and implement a practical strategy framework for the country. The work of the experts is based on the 5 pillars of COP under which main deliverables and recommendations for the national strategy must be realised in order to have an effective approach to tackle issues that affect children and youth in the country.

The Child Online Protection Challenge
​This programme seeks to address the issue of educating children by presenting an interactive platform where children, parents and educators can engage in fun activities to learn more about the risks the children face on the Internet and how these risks can be averted.

It is a one day exercise whose activities are age specific to raise awareness. The basis of these activities is on Internet best practices that can be easily remembered and used by children as they go about their daily online activities.

  • To aid children/youth to understand the risks, threats and issues regarding their use of the Internet and interaction on online services.
  • To promote awareness on cybersecurity and protection of children online.
  • To inculcate good habits for safe internet usage amongst parents, teachers and students
  • To assist Parents and Teachers to educate their children and students on being safe online and enable them to use the skills learnt to develop protection programmes for their respective schools/communities.

Partnership with IWF

The fight against online child sexual abuse content (CSAC) is increasingly a global effort. IWF has been invited by ITU to develop a template that will enable countries which currently have no provision to access the expertise and resources of the IWF to establish efficient and cost effective methods of tacking this growing problem.

The primary objective of this project is to assist countries in the assessment of its needs in relation to implementing a solution for reporting and removing online child sexual abuse content (CSAC). This assessment will introduce and propose a framework which can be used by law enforcement bodies or 'stand-alone' delivery agents to establish a solution at a national level.


Other Activities