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COP Guidelines

The growing global issues surrounding online safety and cybersecurity require a global response, especially when it comes to the protection of our youngest and most vulnerable digital citizens: our children. Guidelines for Child Online Protection have been prepared by ITU in collaboration with COP partners in order to establish the necessary foundation for a safer and more secure cyber world for future generations. The guidelines are meant to be adapted and adopted by all different stakeholders groups. To date, four sets of guidelines have been developed for:


Guidelines for Children


Children and young people need to be aware of risks online. The guidelines advise them on possible harmful activities online, such as bullying and harassment, identity theft, and online abuse. The guidelines also include advice to children seeing and experiencing harmful and illegal content online, or young people being exposed to grooming for sexual purposes, the production, distribution and collection of child abuse material.  

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Please note that the English version was updated in January 2016! Dowload the new version!  

Guidelines for Parents & Educators


Research shows that more and more children are connecting to the Internet using game consoles and mobile devices, yet many adults are not even aware that these activities include internet connectivity. The guidelines for parents, guardians and educators provide recommendations on what they can do to make their child’s online experience a positive one.

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Please note that the English version was updated in January 2016! Dowload the new version!  

Guidelines for Industry


The updated guidelines for Industry on Child Online Protection provide advice on how the ICT industry can help promote safety for children using the Internet or any technologies or devices that can connect to it. An online platform of COP case studies from the broader ICT Industry further complements the content of these Guidelines.
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Guidelines for Policy Makers

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The guidelines for policy makers will help individual countries plan for their strategies for child online protection in the short, medium and longer term. In order to formulate a national strategy focusing on online child safety, policy makers need to consider a range of strategies, including establishing a legal framework; developing law enforcement capabilities; putting in place appropriate resources and reporting mechanisms; and providing education and awareness resources.

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