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COP: Partnership with Trend Micro

​Partnership with Trend Micro

Trend MicroITU signed a MoU with Trend Micro with the objective of establishing a framework for collaboration in line with the mutual goal of creating a more secure and safer information society. Through this partnership, ITU will benefit from Trend Micro’s institutional expertise and research. As a joint effort, the ITU and Trend Micro will distribute information to ITU membership on a regular basis.


Tablets and mobile phones have tremendously become a huge part of our normal day-to-day activities. Access to user information both for legitimate and malicious purposes is no longer uncommon in the age of mobilization, since people do just about everything using a mobile device. In this regard, the TrendMicro E-Guide “The Who, What, Why and How of Mobile Privacy” aims at giving suggestions and guidelines on how to protect privacy from mobile threats.

The E-Guide “How To Protect Data In Mobile Devices” highlights the importance of protecting data in mobile devices. Many times, people do not realize how much data is in their mobile device. Ordinary practices such as sending email, accessing social media, and banking online can encourage criminals to steal someone’s identity in order to access information related to credit card numbers, addresses, and contact details, among others.  The Guide will recommend several actions that should be taken into consideration to ensure data protection in mobile devices.

Who has never seen an online ad popping, just a few minutes after searching for the exact same item? Nowadays, criminals aren’t the only one tryin​​g to use information about users of the Internet, a lot of companies are also “mining” the web. It is then really important to be aware of the fact that private online information can easily go public if certain precautions are not taken.  In this regard, the Trend Micro E-guide “How to manage your privacy online” brings attention to the different ways that are used to access to private information and gives some tips on how to prevent these leakages.

The Trend Micro E-guide “Putting an end to digital clutter” introduces the concept of digital decluttering: in digital life as in real life, keeping a clean and well organized environment is the key to be more efficient but also to remove potential security risks. 
The guide will recommend some steps to start acquiring good habits, both in terms of “technical aspects” like how to regularly clean up your computer and behavior for example on social networks.

The Trend Micro E-guide “Creating a Safe Online Environment for Kids" reccomends the importance of guiding kids that may end up visiting bad sites and encountering the wrong kind of people.