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Child Online Protection Pilot Program in Ethiopia

Child Online Protection Pilot Program in Ethiopia

As in other parts of the world, children and young people across Africa increasingly inhabit the online environment. In Africa, the mobile subscription alone is estimated to be at half a billion in 2012. As the use of information and communication technologies (ICTs) continues to grow in the African Union, young citizens enjoy greater opportunities for creativity, participation, and engagement with the world around them. However, changing technologies and social behaviours introduce new risks to young people.


In order to enable young citizens in Africa to fully take advantage of rich opportunities offered by new technologies, measures promoting their safer use are needed. Measures should also be adopted at all levels in order to protect the physical, mental and moral integrity of children, which might be impaired by their exposure to inappropriate content.

ITU in collaboration with ACOPEA and Facebook launched E-safety pilot program in July 2013 to promote child online safety in Africa as part of its Child Online Protection (COP) initiative. This tripartite partnership implemented a six-month pan-African e-safety education and awareness program in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia with a view to replicate this in other parts of Africa.

The pilot raised awareness, educated and engaged regional and national stakeholders in Ethiopia at all levels—government agencies, industry, educators, civil society, and young people themselves—to work together towards a safe and empowering environment for young Internet users in the region.​


Online safety ambassadors (Target is 50 professionals):
The following human resources have been produced through Workshops programmes directly by the pilot.
Safety Ambassadors Total ​Remarks
​Teachers​25​Educators From 25 schools
​Law enforcement​127​Federal police
​Other stakeholders​5​INSA, MCIT
​Total ​157

Education awareness material:
The following online safety awareness resources were adopted from CEOP UK, contextualised under the banner ThinkUKnow (TUK) deck of slide presentation for target audiences and other materials have been produced directly by the pilot:
SI No. ​Type/Title ​Content ​Comment
​1​For safety Ambassadors​TUK Full day workshop​Eng.​Electronic and print copy
​2​For parents​TUK half day​Eng.​Electronic and print copy
​3​For children and young people​In school activities​Eng.​Electronic and print copy
​4​Brochure​Help us empower the future digital citizens in Africa​Eng.​Electronic and print copy
​5​Leaflets​General information on COP​Eng.
Eng.Electronic and print copy
​6​Banners with safety messages​Click Safe Click Clever​Eng.​Disseminated across schools
​7​Posters with sponsor logos ​Empowering digital citizens in Africa​Eng.​Electronic and print copy
​8​Online safety questionnaire​Student survey​Eng.​Electronic and print copy