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Frequency Assignment Plans

​Frequency Assignment Plans  in force as annexes to Regional Agreements are as follows​: ST61 Rev.06, GE75, RJ81/RJ88, GE84, GE89 Rev.06, GE06

STOCKHOLM 1961 Rev. 2006 (ST61)

Plan for television and sound broadcasting in the European broadcasting area, Stockholm, 1961 Rev.2006 (ST61).

Band I:   41-68 MHz
Band II:  87.5-100 MHz
Band III: 162-174 MHz

GENEVA 1975 (GE75)

Plan for MF broadcasting in Regions 1 and 3 and LF broadcasting in Region 1, Geneva, 1975 (GE75).

LF: 150-285 kHz
MF: 525-1605 kHz


​Plan for MF broadcasting in Region 2, Rio de Janeiro, 1981 (RJ81).

MF: 535-1605 kHz

GENEVA 1984 (GE84)

​Plan for use of the band 87.5-108 MHz for FM sound broadcasting in Region 1 and part of Region 3, Geneva, 1984 (GE84).

Band II: 87.5 - 108 MHz


GENEVA 1989 Rev. 2006 (GE89)

​Plan for VHF/UHF television broadcasting in the African Broadcasting Area and neighbouring countries, Geneva, 1989 Rev. 2006 (GE89).

Band I:   47-68 MHz

Band III: 230-238 MHz
               246-254 MHz


  • Final Acts of the Regional Radiocommunication Conference for the revision of the Geneva 1989 Agreement (RRC-06-Rev.GE89)
  • Final Acts of the Regional Administrative Conference for the Planning oh VHF/UHF Television Broadcasting in the African Broadcasting Area and Neighbouring Countries, Geneva, 1989 (GE89)
  • List of Administrations having ratified the Agreement GE89

GENEVA 2006 (GE06)

Plans for VHF/UHF analogue and digital broadcasting in parts of Regions 1 and 3, in the frequency bands 174-230 MHz and 470-862 MHz, Geneva 2006 (GE06)


Band III: 174-230 MHz*
Band IV: 470-582 MHz

Band V:  582-862 MHz

* For MRC:170-230 MHz