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Arab Spectrum Management Group (ASMG) - GE06 Frequency Coordination Meetings

​The aim of this activity is to assist the ASMG ITU Member States in coordinating the necessary modifications to the GE06 Digital Plan, in order to ensure the availability for each country in the region, on an equitable basis, of the spectrum resources required to support at least four TV multiplexes with national coverage, including the frequency assignments or allotments already recorded in the GE06 Digital Plan, in the band 470-694 MHz.

This activity is intended to enable the concerned administrations to successfully apply the relevant procedures of the GE06 Agreement and the Radio Regulations in order to modify the GE06 Digital Plan and bring in service their frequency assignments to the broadcasting and mobile services in the UHF band without harmful interference.

Submissions to modify the Plan GE06 should be sent through WISFAT.

Planning Tools

  • eTools - Runs compatibility calculations and other routines.
  • GE06Calc - View compatibility results (output of eTools).
  • SRTM3 - Effective antenna heights calculator, also available in TerRaNotices.

Relevant coordination meetings


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