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​GIMS – Graphical Interference Management System

The Graphical Interference Management System for PC, or GIMS, is a PC-based software package which allows the capture and modification of graphical data relating to the electronic notification of geostationary and non-geostationary satellite networks in the space radiocommunications services. 

It also allows for carrying out Power Flux Density (PFD) calculations using geostationary satellite graphical data captured via this product.

​​This product is available only in English.



​​​Latest version of the software is available on the main software page

GIMS Libraries (November 29, 2022)​


​Previous versions of the software are available here: archive page


Presentation with exercises (sample data​)

GIMS Exercises & Videos

GXT Format Specification : se​e Chapter 2 of Section III in the Preface​​​​​​​

For further information contact: Space Administrative Software Division