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SRS Database Conversion Utility (SRSConvert)

The SRSConvert which allows you to convert databases from v7 to v8  is now integrated into BRSIS.
The new BRSIS-SRSConvert is available here.

The SRS Database Conversion program is a utility which allows the user to convert the data contained in an existing SRS-formatted database from an old version database to version a new database. This conversion is valid for any database produced by the SpaceQry, or SpaceCap software packages, as well as the SRS, SPS and SpaceIFIC databases supplied by the Radiocommunication Bureau. The purpose of the utility is primarily to allow the user to "upgrade" their existing, version 4, 5, 6... databases to the last version database format, so that they may be used with the latest versions of the BR software.

The file SRSConvert6to7Setup.exe is a self-extracting, installation file.  To download this file click on the highlighted file name below and save to a temporary directory on your PC.  After downloading the file, you should then run the file (by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer, etc); this will decompress or "unzip" the installation files into a temporary directory on your hard disk, and then automatically execute the setup procedure.

 Note:  The SRSConvert installations is also on Space BR IFIC  publications.


 Download Description Size Date


SRS database conversion utility V6 to V7

4.85 Mbytes 14 December 2012


​SRS database conversion utility V5 to V6​4.73Mbytes​08 September 2008


​SRS database conversion utility V4 to V5​4.06Mbytes​25 September 2006


​SRS database conversion utility V2-V3 to V4​2.8Mbytes​28 March 2003

License Agreement 

For further information contact: Space Administrative Software Division