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GIBC - Graphical Interface for Batch Calculations on PC

GIBC (Graphical Interface for Batch Calculations) is a software package which provides the user with the ability to carry out calculations on satellite networks which allow determining the coordination requirements on satellite networks, relating to Power Flux Density (PFD) examination, Appendix 8 and Appendix 30B (Annexes 3 and 4), and on Earth stations relating to Appendix 7.

The PFD software examines satellite networks with respect to the PFD limits in Article 21 and in Appendices 30 and 30B of the Radio Regulations (2008 Edition of the Radio Regulations). Three types of PFD calculations can be performed: with respect to terrestrial services, with respect to other space services (Appendix 30, Annex 1, Sections 3 and 6 and Appendix 30, Annex 4) and in application of Annex 3 of Appendix 30B.

The Appendix 8 software determines the coordination requirements of a given satellite network through Appendix 8 calculations and the application of the coordination arc (see Appendix 5, Resolution 55 (WRC-2000) and circular letter CR/180). Since the number of potential cases where ΔT/T > 6% is often very large, the program does not attempt to find the worst case for any administration with which coordination is required, but will present one case for which ΔT/T > 6%.

Appendix 30B Annex 4 uses C/I as technical criteria to evaluate interference.

Appendix 7 software determines the coordination area around an Earth station.

Appendix 30&30A is intended for checking the conformity of an assignment with respect to the PFD limits specified in Annex 1 Section 1 of the Appendix 30 and in Annex 1 Section 4 of the Appendix 30A. 

Power Control is a new functionality which allows to determine permitted increase in e.i.r.p. during rain attenuation for assignments over the Plan values according to the method described in Appendix 30A, Annex 3, section 3.11.

This product is available in English only.

Installation guidelines

After downloading the file, you should then run the file (by double-clicking on it from Windows Explorer, etc.); this will decompress the installation files into a temporary directory on your hard disk, and then automatically execute the setup procedure.

Note: GIBC requires having GIMS package installed.

Note:  The GIBC setup program is also available on BR IFIC.





gibc_10_5_0_3.exeSNS V8 Compatible​45Mb

 23 September 2017


Resolution 756 (WRC-12) studies

GIBC with possibility to specify DT/T% criterion for Resolution 756 (WRC-12) studies (Beta Version).