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Preface to the BR IFIC (Space services)

​​The Preface (Space services) describes the contents and the layout of the BR IFIC Circular published in DVD-ROM format. It is also for use in consulting copies of the Space Master International Frequency Register – MIFR when provided in electronic form (srs_all.mdb) or the IFIC data (ificxxxx.mdb) or any other document of the Radiocommunication Bureau. 
The full version of the Preface in six languages is available on the BR IFIC (Space services) DVD-ROM and on-line.

 Preface document

Title Type Date Name from BRIFIC File Size Category
English   November 2023   preface_e.pdf   BRIFIC 3010   9792 KB   Preface  
Español   Noviembre de 2023   preface_s.pdf   BRIFIC 3010   6980 KB   Preface  
Français   Novembre 2023   preface_f.pdf   BRIFIC 3010   7091 KB   Preface  
Русский   ноябрь 2023 r.   preface_r.pdf   BRIFIC 3010   7922 KB   Preface  
عربي   2023 نوفمبر   preface_a.pdf   BRIFIC 3010   12671 KB   Preface  
中文   2023 年11月   preface_c.pdf   BRIFIC 3010   11385 KB   Preface