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Policy Tools and Training


Here are some portals referring to our policy tools:

Universal Service Financing Efficien​cy Toolkit​
The toolkit provides analytical tools, examples, and templates that are grounded in practical experience and designed to help policy-makers, regulators and universal service fund administrators to navigate common questions and challenges they face when using public funds to design, implement and finance programmes and projects that facilitate access to digital technologies and communication infrastructure.​​
Universal Service Financing Efficiency Toolkit ​self-paced training.​

Policy and Regulation Frameworks​
ITU has been producing leading research and analysis on ICT policy and regulation for over 25 years. Policy advice and regulatory best practice guidelines published by ITU have accompanied ICT regulators from their creation through their journey towards digital transformation of economies and societies.

​​Digital Economy and Markets​
Recognizing the importance of the new Digital Ecosystem and markets, this portal gathers information on its evolution, key findings from publications and research, country case studies, as well as models to measure the impact of ICTs on the national economy.

Infrastructure and Connectivity Development ​Frameworks​​
This portal gathers the results from this work, information on activities and initiatives done by ITU Members. It also highlights key findings from ITU publications, studies, research, ITU Study Groups, and data and analysis from the ITU ICT Eye database.

​Digital Regulation Platform​
A global resource for policy-makers, regulators, the tech industry and consumers.
An introduction to digital regulation self-paced training.

G5 Accelerator
The G5 Accelerator brings together high-value tools and resources offering practical, step-by-step support for countries already embarked or planning to embark on their digital transformation journey. Discover the gold standard for collaborative digital policy and regulation.​

ITU Regional Regulatory ​Associations Portal​
This portal meets the needs of Regulatory Associations (RA) by sharing information from all the regions on activities and initiatives implemented by RAs.

International Mobile Roaming Portal​
This portal gathers the results from the IMR Strategic Guidelines, information on activities and initiatives done by ITU Members and ITU activities on IMR.​

Quality of Service (QoS) Re​​gulation​
This portal brings information and tools for telecommunication/ICT regulatory agencies or ICT Administration (e.g., ICT Ministry) in charge of Quality of service (QoS) and Quality of Experience (QoE) parameters and measurements, as defined by the ITU-T, as well as enforcement mechanisms.​​​​​