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ITU Regional Regulatory Associations Portal

​​​​In the framework of WTDC Resolution 48 (Strengthening cooperation among telecommunication regulators) the main goal of this ICT Regional Regulatory Associations Portal (RAs) is to meet the needs of RAs by sharing information from all the regions on activities and initiatives implemented by RAs. This portal also highlights key activities and findings from ITU publications, studies, research, ITU Study Groups, and data analysis. 


Regulatory Associations

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lTU Global Symposium for Regulators (GSR) Regulatory Associations Meetings 

The annual Regulatory Associations (RA) Meetings bring together Regulatory Associations from around the world to discuss key issues, best practices and experiences with peers. It is organized annualy during the Global Symposiun for ​​Regulators

This year the Regulatory Associations (RA) meeting​ was ​held in Vanuatu on Tuesday 9 July 2019​ (9h-12h). ​The RA meeting was chaired by Ms Areewan Haorangsi, Secretary General of the Asia-Pacific Telecommunity (APT).
Meeting report

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