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Smart Accessibility on Connected TV


tv.jpgThe workshop on Smart Accessibility on Connected TV was held in Barcelona, Spain, on 18 March 2015.
The workshop was organized by the Autonomous University of Barcelona in partnership with the International Telecommunication Union and European Commission. It was held within the framework of the ITU European Regional Initiative on "Ensuring access to telecommunications/ICTs, in particular for persons with disabilities", adopted by WTDC-14, Dubai.
Ensuring that the entire European population has access to television services is one of the targets set by world leaders in the World Summit on the Information Society. Television is important for enhancing national identity, providing an outlet for domestic media content and getting news and information to the public, which is especially critical in times of emergencies. Television programs are also a principal source of news and information for illiterate segments of the population, some of whom are persons with disabilities. Migration from analogue to digital TV represents an ideal opportunity for ITU members to take the necessary steps to ensure TV is accessible.  
The meeting provided a basis for the exchange of best practices in the field of accessibility services, highlighted recommendations of the model ICT accessibility policy report, as well as practical solutions for broadcasters in providing access services for persons with disabilities. International standards for connected TV, as well as legal policy and regulatory aspects were presented and discussed.


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