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The Future of Cable TV


The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) organized a Workshop on "The Future of Cable TV" held from 25 to 26 January 2018 at ITU Headquarters, Geneva, Switzerland.

This workshop was organized within the context of the European Regional Initiative approved by WTDC-17 on "Broadband Infrastructure, Broadcasting and Spectrum Management", whereby assistance is to be provided to countries in need on the assessment of dynamics, challenges and opportunities of diverse broadband technologies across Europe, including cable TV. Also, the event provided an opportunity to discuss cable TV related regional and international standardization and to share of best practices and case studies on Cable TV roll-outs. The event was held back to back with the meeting of ITU-T Study Group 9 (Broadband cable and TV), scheduled from 22 to 30 January 2018.

Key topics to be covered by the workshop included

  • Markets Trends and Enabling Environment                                                                
  • Innovation and Technology Trends
  • International and Regional Standardization

The outcomes of this workshop will advance implementation of the European Regional Initiative aiming at assisting countries in need of Cable TV related matters. Also the event aimed at bridging the requirements and needs of the various countries with the standards community. Finally it contributed to the workflow of the:

  • ITU-T Study Group 9: Broadband Cable and TV
  • ITU-D Study Group 1: Enabling environment for the development of telecommunications/ICTs                                  
  • ITU-D Study Group 2: ICT Services and Applications for the Promotion of Sustainable Development
  • ITU-R Study Group 6: Broadcasting Service