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Regional Cybersecurity Forum, 29-30 November 2016

 29th November  2016
National Cybersecurity Strategy & Critical information infrastructure

Opening Session

  • Welcome Remarks by Mr Ivajlo MOSKOVSKI - Minister of Transport, Information Technology and Communications, Bulgaria
  • Address by Mr Rosen JELYAZKOV - President, State Agency for e-Governance, Bulgaria
  • Address by Mr Jaroslaw PONDER -  Coordinator for Europe Region, ITU, Speech
  • Keynote Presentation by Mr Steve PURSER, Head of Core Operations, ENISA, Presentation

Session 1: Being Strategic about Cybersecurity

  • Guide to Developing a National Cybersecurity Strategy by Mr Luc DANDURAND, Head of ICT applications & Cybersecurity, ITU, Bio, Presentation
  • The NCSS of the Republic of Bulgaria by Mr Yavor TODOROV, Special Directorate on Information Security, State Agency for National Security, Bio, Presentation
  • The progress of cybersecurity in Spain by Mr Joaquin CASTELLON, Spanish National Security Department, PM Office Operative Director, Bio, Presentation
  • The Hungarian experience by Ms Anita TIKOS, Desk Officer for International Affairs of the National Cyber-security Center, Bio, Presentation
  • Panel Discussion  - Moderator: LUC DANDURAND

Session 2: Critical Information Infrastructure Protection in the EU

  • Keynote Presentation on CIIP by Dr Evangelos OUZOUNIS, ENISA, BioPresentation
  • Cross-border dependencies of CIIs by Ms Kadri  KASKA, NATO CCDCOE, Bio, Presentation
  • A model for improving the cybersecurity capabilities in the Spanish Critical Infrastructure value chain by Mr Antonio RAMOS, LEET Security and Miguel HERRERO, INCIBE, Bio, Presentation
  • Critical Importance of CIIP to Cybersecurity by Mr Peter BURNETT, Coordinator, Meridian, BioPresentation
  • Panel Discussion  - Moderator: EVANGELOS OUZOUNIS

30th November 2016
Critical sectors & National CSIRTs

Session 3 : Key Sectors in CIIP

  • Nuclear power aspects by Mr Guido GLUSCHKE, Institute for Security and Safety, Germany, Bio, Presentation
  • Presentation on Finance sector issues by Mr Aquiles ALMANSI, The World Bank, BioPresentation
  • E-Health  aspects by Mr Yordan ILIEV, Director Research & Development, Healthcare Solutions, Sqilline, Bulgaria, Bio, Presentation
  • CIIP issues from a service provider perspective by Mr Erka KOIVUNEN, F-Secure, Finland, Bio, Presentation
  • Panel Discussion: Moderator: ANNA SARRI

Session 4: CSIRTs Strategic Role and Cooperation

  • Collaboration between National CSIRTs by Mr Marco OBISO, Cybersecurity Coordinator, ITU, Bio, Presentation
  • CSIRT- BG activities by Mr Vasil GRANCHAROV, Director CSIRT Bulgaria, Bio, Presentation
  • CERT.LV activities, role in Latvia and globally by Ms Baiba KASKINA, Head of CERT.LV and chair of the European CSIRT community, Bio, Presentation
  • Keynote Address by  Mr Jakub BORATYŃSKI, Head of the Trust and Security Unit, European Commission
  • Montenegro National CIRT - International Collaboration by Mr Viktor BERISHAJ, Ministry for Information society and Telecommunication, Bio, Presentation
  • Panel Discussion: Moderator: MARCO OBISO

Closing remarks