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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​​​​Ericsson Global Events​

Global, 2016, April 28

Ericsson celebrated "Girls in ICT Day" with around 60 events in 40 countries, involving approx. 3,000 girls. We engaged our employees through these events and the #Futureselfie campaign, and girls from around the world, our future change makers, blogged for Ericsson about their passion for ICT.

Below is a summary of the events we have organized around the world.

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Engaging employees

Ericsson employees were engaged through local events and through #Futureselfie, asking them to mentor a girl or young female on ICT, encouraging them to consider careers in ICT. We asked them to picture themselves with our future change makers.

Blog stories

Ericsson provided the opportunity for girls to tell their story of "why they are interested in a career in ICT/STEM". We received 38 blog responsed. Below is an extract from one of these:

"ICT and STEM can change the world for girls because it teaches us new ways to use technology, helps us live up to our full potential, it provides many opportunities, and it will change the way girls view themselves and other girls when compared with a boy." Meghan & Gabi, Two young girls interested in STEM from Indiana, USA. # GirlsinICT

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Headquarter & Gothenburg visits, robot programming, parents visiting schools

North America

Ericsson partnered with Girl Who Code in San Jose and Santa Clara enabling girls to step inside  Ericsson, see how we work, hear from some inspiring people and get their hands on some of our latest technology.


India organized a series of events in both its legal entities. The Services organization in India organized presentations, tours in the Network Operations Center, feedback sessions, demo's, games/competitions and graduation ceremonies in: Gurgaon, Noida, Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai, & Bangalore with about 200 girls participating!

In addition 4 events were organized in Mumbai & Gurgaon with approx. 100 students (age 15-17). The theme was: Gadget Girls presentations, discussions, visit to the experience center, quizzes, games, floor walk and a whole lot of fun.

Mediterranean region

In Italy we organized a visit to Ericsson premises (Experience Center in Rome) by Bruno Touschek Scientific School (Students aged 16-18) from Grottaferrata.

In Morocco a group of Tecnovation (Techwomen Association) presented a mobile app developed for the COP22.

In Spain we organized a round table for girls discussing STEM and ICT.

In Serbia, Bulgaria and Portugal, high school girls visited our offices to learn about ICT.

North East Asia

In China we hosted 25 high school students for a day of presentations and a tour with demo of our center.

In Korea 22 Girls participated in group mentoring sessions and presentations.

Western and Central Europe

In Belgium, Ireland and Germany we organized programmes at our premises showing test labs, providing presentations etc.

In Hungary we organized an open day together with the Budapest University of Technology and Economics. Please click here for more details. 

Middle East

Ericsson offices in the Middle East welcomed around 800 girls with events in Turkey, Lebanon, Dubai, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Jordan, Bahrain and Sudan. Mr. Ebrahim Al Haddad, director of the ITU regional office for Arab States, also participated in the event organized by Ericsson in Amman, Jordan.

Sub-Saharan Africa

In Nigeria, South Africa and Kenya we organized a five hour programme combined 'Girls in ICT' with 'Bring your daughter to workday' and discussions with female engineers and executives, tours, and ICT games.

Latin America

8 events were organized in 8 countries in RLAM, from 28/04 to 20/05: Jamaica, Mexico, Panama, Brazil, Argentina, Costa Rica, Colombia, Guatemala. All events consisted in visiting a high school, delivering a message to girls from 14 to 17 years old. More than 600 Girls participated. The information shared with Girls was related to Ericsson and the Network Society, our D&I Strategy, as well as testimonials from Ericsson`s female employees to generate awareness about selecting a career in ICT.

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