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Women and Girls

​​​​Women play a key role in reducing poverty and promoting social and economic development, for themselves, their families and their countries. ICT is an essential tool for the social and economic development of women and girls. Information and communication technologies (ICTs) can provide women and girls an education and job training, promote literacy, improve access to health care, enable the exercise of legal rights and participation in government. Investing in women has a multiplier effect. Women reinvest in their families and communities. Accelerating broadband and ICT provision to women and girls will promote gender equality, empowerment and social and economic development of both men and women.

Girls in ICT Portal


International Girls in ICT Day, created by ITU Members, is a global campaign to raise awareness about ICT job opportunities and encourage girls and young women to prepare for and take up careers in ICTs. 

Girls in ICT Day has a global outreach, with events, contests, hackathons and other exciting activities sponsored by ICT companies, government agencies, universities and NGOs in more than 166 countries around the globe.  

More information about the Girls in ICT Day campaign is available on the Girls in ICT Portal​. ​




ILO and ITU are leading the Digital Skills for Decent Jobs Campaign as part of the Global Initiative on Decent Jobs for Youth in order to foster decent and inclusive employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in line with the Sustainable Development Goals. Training in- and out-of-school youth with basic and advanced digital skills promises to connect young people with unprecedented job opportunities in the digital economy, leading to innovation, higher productivity and competitiveness, expanding markets, access to work and entrepreneurship opportunities.


​​Community ICT Centres for Women’s Empowerment

​ITU is sharing best practices on community ICT centres for the social and economic empowerment of women. If planned and executed properly, community ICT centres can be an effective vehicle to help women acquire literacy skills, numeracy skills and resources to help them start their own businesses, secure their livelihoods and become socially and politically active

Learn more about best practices on Community ICT Centres for the Social and Economic Empowerment of Women​​​​​