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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​CTIC Technology Centre​

Gijón, Spain, 2016, April 28​

Girls in secondary education will visit CTIC Technology Centre and its Technology Demonstrator Laboratory on Thursday 28th April. In the laboratory they will learn about the functioning of different technology-based prototypes, applications and projects, that have been developed in the fields of health, wellness, active aging, smart energy, Internet of Things, intelligent data analysis, artificial vision, etc.

Women technologists, researchers and consultants that work at CTIC Technology Centre will also participate in the visit. Thus, students will have the opportunity to discuss with them the benefits of working in this kind of professions; the existing barriers to technological studies; the stereotypes associated with the IT sector; and know more about their life and working experiences.

The activity will begin at 16:00 pm and it will be attended by students from the Piles secondary school in Gijon and women technologists and researches working at CTIC Technology Centre.

CTIC specialization areas are: Intelligent Data Analysis, Interoperability and Open Data, Smart Energy, Web of Things, Artificial Vision, Wellness and Active Aging and Digital Growth. During the visit students will learn firsthand about the projects carried by the Centre and their practical application.

For more information please contact: Luisa María Paz (

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