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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​Enel Global ICT​

Rome, Italy, 2016, April 28​

As technological innovation becomes pivotal to future development, growth and progress, both in social and economic spheres, there is a pressing need to stimulate the interests and studies of the new generations in this direction. For many years the Enel Group, together with international organizations and partnerships, has been supporting activities and initiatives which, in line with the aspirations of Open Power, invests in the young, in their ideas and start-ups.
The International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and the agency for the United Nations are also dedicated to introducing young people to the study of sciences and technology and are the promoters of the international "Girls in ICT Day", an initiative that Enel Global ICT celebrated with an event, on April 28th, at Enel's Rome Auditorium.
During the day this event hosted the monthly appointment with the Orange Day which will feature two panel discussions: "Female success stories" and "Women and technology in Enel". The guests at this meeting opened by ICT Global Head Carlo Bozzoli included:

  • Nicoletta Rocca, Enel HR & Organization Global ICT and Global Procurement;
  • Luisa Arienti, Managing Director of SAP Italy;
  • Michela Catenacci, Communication Manager Valore D;
  • Regina Casonato, Managing Vice President in Gartner Research;
  • Michela Buzzichelli, Head of Grid Solutions in the ICT Solution Center Infrastructure and Networks;Sonia Scarcia, Head of Business Development, Engineering & Construction and Plants Operation Solutions in ICT Solution Center Generation, Renewables, Trading, USG;
  • Daniela Pestonesi, Enel Thermal Generation - Research & Innovation - Key Professional in Automation & Diagnostics.

In the information and communication technology sector women are grossly under-represented, a wasted opportunity for them as it is a sector in rapid expansion offering many career possibilities.
To continue to evolve the ICT sector needs motivated human resources and specific skills and women, as in all spheres, are able to add a valid and valuable contribution. For this reason, the representatives of the 193 Member States of the UIT, that has its headquarters in Geneva, have decided to celebrate "Girls in ICT Day" every fourth Thursday of April.
Enel, for its part, believes that by stimulating the ambition in girls to take up a career in the technology sector means building a society in which men and women are equally present at the top of institutions and businesses and equal participants in growth and progress.

The event can be followed using hashtag #Enelorangedays e #GirlsinICTDay

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