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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur​

Thanjavur, India, 2016, April 28​

Girls in ICT Day Event celebrations by IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur, in India
IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur , India  organized a 30 days free training course in Computer Basics for  28 poor rural and semi urban unemployed women in the age group of  18 to 35. All the participants are from Thanjavur District of Tamil Nadu state situated in Southern part of India. The free training course was inaugurated on 28.0​​​4.2016 to coincide with the "Girls in ICT Day" celebrations.

IOB-RSETI is short for Indian Overseas Bank (IOB), Rural Self Employment Training Institute (RSETI).  RSETI movement in India was started by a philanthropist and visionary by name Mr Virendra Hegde  with an objective to train and empower rural youth to become independent entrepreneurs by offering  them professional or skill based training and helping them to  settle  in their lives. RSETIs were started a couple of decades ago,   and today they have grown and transformed into vibrant training institutions. They are fulfilling the dreams and aspirations of the rural youth by inspiring them to come up in life.  IOB-RSETI Thanjavur is sponsored by Indian Overseas Bank which is one of the leading nationalized banks in South India.

Mrs P Champakavalli, the present Director  of IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur   commenced  the 30 days free training course in Computer Basics on 28.04.2016 with a view to make the rural and semi urban women trainees computer literate and thereby contribute in a small way to reduce the gender bias and gender inequality in the field of information and Technology.

This noble cause was  inaugurated  on 28.04.2016. The Chief Guest was  Mr N Murugan, Regional Manager, IOB, Regional Office, Thanjavur. The other guests of honour were   Dr K  Subramanian, District Development Manager, NABARD, Thanjavur; Mr J Kubendran, Chief Manager (Retd), Syndicate Bank, Regional Office, Bangalore; Mr Vijayaraghavan, FLCC, IOB, Thanjavur. The Inauguration function started with all the 4 guests and the Director lighting  the 5 faces of the traditional Indian lamp (Kuthuvilakku) which is considered an auspicious beginning as per the  Indian tradition.

All the guests spoke about the importance of women becoming computer literates and enabling themselves to understand and use the present day  information and communication technology  both for their self development and the overall economic development of the country.

The faculty for the course is also a woman by name Mrs Jayashree Kalaivanan. We are proud to inform that she is a past trainee of IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur. We are very proud of the fact that the quality of training imparted at IOB-RSETI has transformed   this timid trainee into a successful  trainer.  

This 30 days free training course is in progress and the trainees are enjoying the training in which not only IT  inputs but also a lot of behavioural traits, personality development aspects and entrepreneurial inputs are imparted to the trainees so as to transform the trainees into ambitious and confident   people,  capable of meeting the challenges in their lives. 

Coincidently,  all the present staff members at IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur are women.  We thank all the  staff members of IOB-RSETI, Thanjavur – Ms Kamalaveni, Office Assistant; Mrs Tamilarasi, cook and Mrs V Selvarani, attender  for their support in organizing this training course.

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