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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​​​​​Girls in ICT Rwanda​

Kigali,Rwanda, 2016, April 30​

Ms. Geek Rwanda is a competition designed to inspire Rwandan girls to be part of problem solving for the country using technology and encourage them to consider a career in Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The competition aims to expand the girls' innovation and critical thinking skills. This year we have selected 4 sectors for which competitors can develop solutions. They will be required to develop a problem statement and its respective solution in one of the sectors. Solutions must be technology based.

The best 5 solutions was selected by Girls in ICT to compete on the final day and shall receive training and mentorship to help them prepare for final presentation. The competition was organized by Girls in ICT- Rwanda and is open to female high school and university students. Girls in ICT Rwanda is a group of women professionals working STEM careers, who have come together to encourage Rwandan girls to choose careers in STEM fields.

Girls in ICT Rwanda want them to know that careers in STEM can be pursued by women, and if we can do it – so can they.

Below are the Ms Geek 2016 finalists projects:

  1. IV drip alert is a hardware system that uses sensors to alert nurses and doctors if  the drip level is low before it is empty. By sending them an SMS on their mobile phones with the patient's hospital details.
  2. Meet the Doctor is an online platform that allows patients to consult with a doctor for mild illnesses. The doctor can recommend further testing or write a prescription that is sent to the pharmacies with your insurance number. An IVR system can be used when Internet is not available.
  3. Ivomerere system is a hardware system that enables automatic irrigation. It uses sensors  to detect the wetness of  a field and instruct water pumps to start irrigation and when the soil is wet enough it stops the irrigation.
  4. HelloJob! Is a mobile app & USSD app that connects job seekers (gardeners, electricians, maids, plumbers,etc..)  who are not  on LinkedIn to employers.  Job seekers provide their information and skills on the app. An employer will request a service using his location and will be linked to potential service providers.
  5. Easy parking is a mobile app & USSD that allows driver to pre-pay their street parking by buying parking packs (monthly, weekly or daily) using mobile money or VISA. The parking fee collector will input the car plate number in the app, if car is not paid for, s/he will then issue a ticket.

The winner project  was Ivomerere.

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