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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​​​​​Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA)​

Kaduna, Nigeria, 2016, April 28​

When girls are connected to the world through technology, they are connected to a world of opportunity. Technologies in particular have transformed the lives of billions of people. It functions as a gateway to ideas, resources, and opportunities that never could have been realized before. All around the world, Technology is helping people to imagine new possibilities. But girls are being left behind. Girls have the potential not only to become ICT users, but also become ICT creators that is why the 2016 International Girls in ICT Day event was organized and implemented in Kaduna, North-West of Nigeria where the gap of girls in ICT is the greatest.  In Kaduna, fewer girls than boys show interest in ICT and an enormous gap exists between the boys and girls. Girls in Kaduna must be supported in becoming technologically competitive because when girls are technologically skilled, it plays a significant role in promoting employability and financial independence.

A total 0f 123 Girls from 4 Senior Secondary Schools in Kaduna participated in the 2016 International Girls in ICT Day Event namely: Government Secondary School, Independence Way, Kaduna, Government Secondary School, Kabala, Kaduna, Ansarudeen College School, Kaduna and St. Michaels College, Kaduna.

To commemorate the 2016 International Girls in ICT Day Event, Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA) outlined two unique events which are:

  • One Day Practical ICT Training on JAVA Programming Language where students were introduced to Essentials of JAVA Programming Language and how to use computers to creatively design web pages and critically solving problems.
  • A One Day Career Fair on the importance of Girls in ICT.  The career fair provided an avenue for facilitators to inspire girls to pursue careers in the ICT Field.

Barrister Fatima Aliko Mohammed in her presentation told the girls to take off from their minds that women/girls cannot do ICT. She also told the girls how she run a virtual company and leverage on ICT to communicate with her staff. In her words: ICT gives me great fulfilment and women have what it takes to pursue ICT Careers.

Mr. Yusuf A. Leinge is the author of Do It Like Kids and the General Manager of Leinge Consults he spoke about how he used ICT to chart a course for a community project he started. In his words: Your brain is the most important part of you because there is nothing your brain cannot capture. No girl is disadvantaged. The fact that you are a girl does not mean you are disadvantaged.

Mr. Gabriel Nmadu is the Chief Executive Officer of Business Blueprint Solutions, an Executive Trainer, Online Strategist, Social Entrepreneur and a Pharmacist. In his presentation he spoke about how he uses ICT to buy and sell and also talked about how girls can build a sustainable future for themselves using ICT. In his words: think positive taught because thinking brings positive results. He concluded instructing the girls to start today to choose careers in ICT Field.

The President/CEO of Youth Initiative for Sustainable Human Development in Africa (YiSHDA), Joseph Emmanuel Yaba said YiSHDA is still very committed to prepare young girls for careers in the field of ICT and also to encourage and enhance young girl's education through ICT.  Through the International Girls in ICT Day, YiSHDA will continue to avail young girls the tremendous opportunities which the ICT sector holds for them and their future.

As part of sustainability plan for Girls in ICT in Kaduna State of Nigeria, the Kaduna Coding Club was formally launched were girls will come to learn the basics of coding and will continue to build their interest in ICT. Through the coding club, girls will be inspired to pursue technology related disciplines. The club will help girls with skills that are useful to them. The coding club will be supported by YiSHDA.

Testimonies and Feedbacks

During the ICT Career Fair, I have been Inspired not to get discourage about using ICT because I have what it takes to pursue ICT Careers. Khadijah Kabir, Government Girls Secondary School Kabala, Kaduna.

Girls in ICT event was very educative and thanks to YiSHDA for this great opportunity to be part of this unique event. Habiba Yusuf, St. Michael's College, Kaduna.

Getting to learn Java Programming Language was a great opportunity for me. I had seen Java only on my phone and I never imagined I will have the opportunity to learn it. All thanks to Girls in ICT for the platform.Patience Abraham, Government Girls Secondary School Independence Way, Kaduna.

Girls in ICT event was really innovative and has changed my views about ICT. With Girls in ICT, we will really create a better future. Christiana John, Government Girls Secondary School, St. Michael's College, Kaduna.

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