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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events

​​​​​​​Technovation Cameroon​​

Bamenda, Cameroon, 2016, May 25

It's a day to encourage girls to use digital tools. We will raise awareness about the Technovation program in Cameroon and other opportunities for Girls in Technology.

"ICT and STEM can change the world for girls because it teaches us new ways to use technology, helps us live up to our full potential, it provides many opportunities, and it will change the way girls view themselves and other girls when compared with a boy."

The Technovation Challenge is a global technology entrepreneurship programme for young women launched 5 years ago in Silicon Valley, USA. Through Technovation program, teams of young girls of middle and high school between 10 to 18 years old identify a problem, create a mobile app to solve it, code the app, build a company to launch the app in the market, and pitch their plan to experts all in 3 months. This 12-week, online, after-school program is structured so that groups of girls and their mentor go through the curriculum together and create an app. Technovation Challenge aims to inspire young women to enter the field of technology by connecting them with role models and giving them the experience of creating their very own high-tech product. After regional Pitch Events, best teams attend the Technovation World Pitch in USA.

At the first experimentation of Technovation Challenge in Cameroon (2014-1015), 23 teams were in competition at one regional pitch event in Yaounde. 13 teams made it to worldwide quarter final and 2 teams to worldwide semi-final. For this year 2016, about 114 teams have been registered and will participate in 4 Regional Pitch Events in Bamenda, Douala, Ngaoundere, and Yaounde organized by 5 female Regional Ambassadors.

Getting in involved in Technovation Challenge Bamenda In Bamenda, you can contact the Regional Ambassador Ngassa Sophie Monkam, who is the chairperson for 2016 session. She in charge of the coordination of this challenge from start to end. She recruits teams of young women, coaches, and/or mentors to participate in Technovation. Whether you are a student, teacher, parent, or mentor, you can start Technovation anywhere in the world. Required time is 2 hours per week for 12 weeks from Jan through Apr 2016. Students → at least one team of 3-5 girls Coach→ at least one per school or after school program Mentor→ one per team Contact: Center for Youth Education and Economic Development (CYEED) Tel: 681 702 403 / 669739113, Mankon, Bamenda, Che Street, P.O Box 356, NB: Preparation for next session begins in September 2016.

Technovation's applied, project based computer science and entrepreneurship curriculum reinforces digital representation of information, algorithmic thinking and programming, and emphasizes the societal impact of information and information technology. It also teaches girls life skills such as how to identify a problem, design and test a solution, collaborate with a team, and communicate to different audiences.​​​

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