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International Girls in ICT Day 2016 events


Ouagadougou, 2016, April 30​

BeoogoLab is a coworking space and a project incubator in the field of digital engineering applied to social innovation. BeoogoLab community has decided to celebrate girl in ICT day. The program of this day is as follows:

In our country, we have decided to celebrate the Girls In ICT day with some activities which are:

  • Presentation of the girls in ICT portal and the girls in ICT day
  • Conference about Gender analysis of the low presence of young girls and women in the technical field of ICT
  • Presentation and guided tour of the digital entrepreneurship center: BeoogoLab, which was the organizer and the host of the girls in ICT day
  • Testimonials of some active women in the technical field of ICT, and of their male colleagues
  • Presentation of some technological projects led by women or gender oriented
  • Networking cocktail

Overall, the event was very rewarding for young girls and women who have participated. Indeed, shared experiences and advices have permitted to young girls to have an overview of the professional life of women in ICT. Moreover, the projects presented by young girls showed everyone that the future of girls in ICT is very promising. The activity was very beneficial for all.​​​

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