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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Salford City College, Pendleton Sixth Form Centre IT & Computing Department

Salford, UK, 2015, April 23


On Thursday, 23rd April, the Pendleton Centre IT Department students and staff celebrated the annual Girls in ICT Day in the Hub.

All departments were invited and almost 400 students attended a successful and fun-filled day. Activities included Building Computers, Programming, Robotics, Creating Animation, 3D Worlds, Gaming and so much more.

The survey taken on the day revealed that the most popular activities were;

1. 3D Worlds

2. The Apple® Stand

3. Building Computers

The single most popular aspect of the day for everyone was flying the Drone around the Hub.

The girls asked for more Future Technology. This will be incorporated into next year’s event in various formats.

The Principal Guest for the day was Professor Uli Sattler from the University of Manchester, School of Computer Science. Uli said “Thanks for involving us in your Girls in ICT day today - there was a good buzz in your hub!”

On the day, students entered a competition to win a Gaming PC, Smart Watch or Xbox Limited Edition set and Professor Sattler will kindly be selecting the winners.

Uli was kept busy all afternoon giving advice and guidance on University and Computing careers.

Following last year’s event, recruitment to IT courses at Pendleton almost doubled, which is very encouraging.

As a lead up to next year’s event and to raise awareness further, the department will be launching a Girls in ICT monthly magazine for local and global distribution. ‘By the students, for the students’.

A great day was had by all.

Lee Chadwick

Curriculum Leader, IT & Computing

Salford City College, Pendleton Centre

M6 7FR

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