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International Girls in ICT Day 2015 events

Girls Geek Dinners Cremona

Cremona, Italy, 2015, April 23


Excellent response at first event organized by Girl Geek Dinners Cremona at the headquarters in Cremona (Italy)

In a setting that is intended to bring out new ideas and contaminate who work there, it was possible to speak about technology in a simple, clear and effective manner.

We talked about accessible technology and affordable for all with a special attention also to the budget.

In fact this was one of the aspects that most intrigued the participants: "can I really work or start developing my idea with affordable cost?" The answer is yes! The desire to learn and creativity are the engine that binds us to the technology.

And again: "if I work in a little and local shop, with a traditional store, can I improve my vision and mission?" And here the answer is yes.

Using social media, in the right way, you can create different windows for the most demanding customers.

Surprising talks and animated discussion among the women in the audience, Just after a few explanations they were exchanging opinions and ideas.

Here are 3 important questions we discussed with Eika, our special guest, ad founder of

She created her first online store and she help now other woman to improve their business.

1. How do you start building your online store?

I started drawing my ideas on a piece of paper

2. How do you create the best product images and descriptions?

Online shoppers don't get to see, touch, feel or smell my product, so the next best thing is a crisp, clear product image.

I'm not a photographer but I used good camera, decent lighting and a light box.

A photo lightbox is a tent-like container with several light bulbs aimed at its interior that photography professionals often use to create well-illuminated images of objects.

I also wrote short product descriptions rich with enough interesting details to pique customer interest. I use compelling adjectives and phrases that evoke an emotion when someone reads my description.

In addition I included product uses, dimensions and other defining main characteristics.

3.How will you start to attract shoppers?

After my store was up and running, spread the word both online and off.

Placing links to my company's main website and in my email newsletter campaigns would be a good start. I created a Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and YouTube accounts representing your online store.

Updating my company's social media sites a few times a day can drive traffic to my store by drawing attention to daily deals and other promotions.

Finally, SEO tactics can give to my store a higher ranking in search results on Google, for example.